A Lovely Engagement with Jenny Huang at Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

by On Nov 30, 2015
A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

Love affairs can be a complicated business. Sometimes, you fall for a member of the opposite sex. Sometimes you only have eyes for the cuddly shelter puppy with the wagging tail that claims your heart from behind his cage door. For Jenny Huang, physiotherapist and elite Singapore runner, objects of affection include her Jabra Sport Pulse, an audio device that gives her so much pleasure, she tries never to run without it.

Given her devotion, it’s no wonder Jenny was delighted to make a personal appearance at the Singapore Sports Hub on 21 November 2015 for the Beat Your Best with Jabra event organised by Jabra Singapore, supported by RunSociety.

It gave her the chance to meet some of her most ardent fans. The special day may now be over, but the memories linger, and for attendees who met her in person, those memories are priceless.

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

One attendee was elevated with excitement after meeting Jenny, she said,

“My idea of a celebrity is Jenny because she literally and figuratively saves lives by advocating healthy lifestyle changes through running. I’m still in awe of the fact that she was the fastest women to finish the 2013 Sundown Ultra—and it was her very first 100km endurance race! Meeting her in person at the Jabra event gave me the chance to get her advice on injury and accident prevention and she also dispensed great running tips.”

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

Why was Jenny Huang so delighted to attend the Beat Your Best with Jabra event? Because she believes in both the company’s mission and the brand’s signature products. The Jabra Sport Pulse has an unbelievable number of features that suit her lifestyle; like a heart rate monitor. Jabra brought units to the Outdoor Sports Travel event so runners could "test drive" before they buy, thus every attendee was able to try them out.

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

To even better understand the Jabra Sport Pulse, Jenny shared her personal tips on how to make the gadget work harder for them as well as explore all the features the tiny device can do.

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

Some of the key benefits of the Jabra Sport Pulse are:

  • The heart rate monitor function of the Sport Pulse measures and delivers clinical-grade heart rate accuracy.
  • It helps you pace yourself and train at the right intensity to improve performance and maximise workout benefits.
  • The Sport Life app helps you plan, monitor and evaluate your workouts and gives you real time feedback. This can help you optimise each of your workout sessions.
  • The app offers 4 sophisticated heart rate fitness tests that help you determine your fitness levels.

After an engagement 1 to 1 session with each attendee, it was time to put words into action. Afterall, how could the attendees forgo a chance to run side by side with an elite runner? The attendees joined in a run with Jenny around the Sports Hub, although no PB was created that day, it was an entertaining experience.

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

As for Jenny, the role model/runner/mom and all-around fitness inspiration admits that she has a couple of other loves in her life that make her even happier than does running to her favourite tunes on her Jabra audio system: two kids who span the entire alphabet: A is for son Austin and Z is for daughter Zoe. Do they have their own Jabras? If you get the chance to meet Jenny, you might want to ask!

A Lovely Engagement With Jenny Huang At Beat Your Best with Jabra Event

On that topic, if you’re still petulant because you missed meeting Jenny on the 21st, weren’t on hand to have your picture taken with her, nor did you get the chance to pick up training tips and learn more about the Jabra Sport, don’t sulk! Just make yourself a promise that you will be on hand for the next Jabra special event.

You can also stay in touch with any latest updates at Jabra's Facebook page and check out its products online.

We’ll let you know when that event takes place so you don’t miss out on the action. Besides, this gives you another great reason to keep tabs on event dates that are published on our website!

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