Announcing the Saucony Pop-Up Store: Unleash Your #Kickassimus

by On Oct 22, 2013
Announcing the Saucony Pop-Up Store: Unleash Your #Kickassimus

A one-time-only pop-up store will be set up at the Big Splash on 26 and 27 of October to showcase the Kinvara 4 series. One of the first ever sporting brands to utilize the pop-up store concept, Saucony’s #Kickassimus Cage will run for a limited time of only 2 days, and will highlight the performance-inspired evolution of the Saucony Kinvara 4 series.

Keep your eyes peeled for the “Follow Me” runners. Dressed in eye-catching tee shirts, they will be making the rounds around East Coast Park. Follow them to the Kinvara 4 concept store, and receive customized Saucony sun shades and wristbands for free! Giant letters spelling out the Saucony brand will ensure you won't miss the #Kickassimus Cage, and take your very own personalized photographs with the cheerful "Follow Me" runners on the #Kickassimus feature wall!

Announcing the Saucony Pop-Up Store: Unleash Your #Kickassimus

This unique concept came about only after a gruelling competition involving creative students from local tertiary institutes. They were tasked to come up with an engaging, unique way to showcase the Kinvara 4’s perfect synthesis of celebrated design elements. The winning team from the University at Buffalo (SIM) wowed the judges with their energetic and effusive efforts.

Unleash Your #Kickassimus

Come down to the Big Splash at East Coast Park and discover why the Kinvara 4 is judged by many as a performance-inspired evolution that surpasses its predecessor. Try on a pair, and see how the Kinvara 4 improves on all the things that make the Kinvara line near perfect.

Announcing the Saucony Pop-Up Store: Unleash Your #Kickassimus

The Saucony Pop-up store will be held on 26 and 27 of October 2013 (Saturday and Sunday), at the open carpark of the Big Splash at East Coast Park. Opening hours are from 10am to 7pm. Check out RunSociety’s review of the Saucony Kinvara 4 series, and follow RunSociety’s official Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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