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Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

by On Aug 12, 2016

You read articles and books, hit the gym and stay abreast of new technology, but are you doing everything you can to stay on top of fitness trends and innovations? Find out in just two fun-filled days!

Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

If your idea of the perfect way to spend a couple of days in the fall is to pamper and educate your body and mind, showing up at the 15th and 16th of October Fitness Master Class & Challenge staged by Train Live Compete Pte. Ltd. isn’t just a great idea - it’s a sensational one!

After all, how often are you invited to take part in a physical fitness “convention” that is making its South East Asia debut in just a few months?

Peter, newly arrived in the Singapore community, is counting on this occasion to help him connect with other people who are as passionate about running as is he, and while he feels a bit nervous about the Circuit Challenge on Day 2, he told us (with a big grin on his face) that if he doesn't perform as well as he hopes, "Perhaps some beautiful Singapore girl will come and console me since I've just arrived here and I'm single!"

Why Singapore?

You know the answer. We’re the centre of the fitness universe by any stretch of the imagination, so premiering this large-scale gathering in our homeland is a tribute to a nation where everyone from PM Lee to members of your running circle have more than a passing interest in our nation’s fascination with staying fit and healthy.

Clear your calendar now — unless those two dates conflict with your mum’s birthday, in which case you can book a ticket for her and make it one of the most rewarding gifts you’ve ever given her!

Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

What can you expect on Day 1?

Think of a Master Class as a workshop on steroids lead by fitness experts like renowned Japan University Strength and Conditioning Professor Mr. Robert Palka. His name alone should speak to your interest in the scientific side of exercise, and as the convention headliner, your attendance on the morning of 15th October says plenty about your eagerness to become more informed.

This unique class starts at 8:15 a.m. and will be held at Singapore Polytechnic LT12A-D; 500 Dover Road.

Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

In addition to the Master Class, take advantage of other workshops and activities that showcase sports-related gear, clothing and the other essential products you need to advance your favourite hobby.

The list of speakers and representatives scheduled to attend is filling fast, but you should recognise these names: NorthFace, GU gel, KT TAPE, MBT, Scantband and more. Look forward to learning more about fitness training, goals, objectives and winning strategies.

Tackle the Circuit Challenge on Day 2

After your brain gets a terrific workout on the 15th, your body will be treated to its own workout as you participate in the Circuit Challenge. This highly-structured test of your endurance, focus and tenacity won't disappoint, thus you will learn a lot about how you respond to frustration and set-backs as well as how you respond to achieving success.

Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

To participate in the Circuit Challenge, show up at Singapore Polytechnic at 8:00 a.m. on the 16th. Cycle through eight, 30-second exercise stations. Like to push the limits of your endurance? You will only have 10 minutes to complete as many challenges as you can.

If your body shows staying power through the highest number of repetitions and rounds, you could win one of three cash prizes for your Herculean efforts. Use all of the invaluable insights you learned on Day 1 to become a winner on Day 2!

How to get in on the action

The most important thing to know from an enrolment perspective is this: Every workshop has a limited number of vacancies.

Why limit workshop slots? Because some of the speakers on the event itinerary are so well-known, their followers will want to be here - even those who live outside Singapore.

Are You Prepared to Become a Fitness Master in Just Two Days?

There will be enough activity, education, socialising and inspiration to remind you why you’ve made fitness your lifelong priority and behind the scenes, E2I, Employment and Employability Institute will make sure this two-day event goes off without a hitch in concert with the many other high-profile sponsors of this first-time event. Get in on everything for a registration fee of just a $65!

If your appetite is whetted, the event website will fill in all of the details you require to register and participate.

We can’t decide for you which of the time slots you should choose when you put together a personal itinerary, but rest assured, everything you sign up for will boost your fitness acumen and since sponsors are providing discounts, freebies and giveaways, you won’t leave empty-handed.

Why should you attend?

  1. You never know who you will meet when you attend a huge affair with like-minded people, so unless you’ve already got too many friends who share your passion for fitness, make room in your smartphone for more.
  2. Where else can you enjoy this much excitement and fun for what amounts to $32.50 per day?
  3. Attend seminars run by doctors and physiotherapists eager to share practical ways of motivating yourself while staying injury free.
  4. Because workshops fill fast and they’re all limited to less than 100, ask all the questions you want of workshop instructors; that’s the beauty of small class sizes, right?
  5. The first 350 Master Class sign-ups snag a NorthFace signature tee that will serve as a memory of your experience for years to come.
  6. The calibre of fitness experts, personalities and instructors is top notch, including some of Singapore’s most highly regarded professional men and women on the fitness scene.
  7. Staged by TLC, the sports engagement company that is as community-minded as it is respected, attention to detail will be so precise, you might have to remind yourself that this is the first time this event was ever held in Singapore!

What advice would you give newcomer Peter if you met him on either day and wanted to welcome him to Singapore properly?

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