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Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

by On Jun 4, 2017

There’s lots of time left to add a fun run to your 2017 event schedule, so how about Thailand in June and in the dark of night?

Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

It’s an eternal question on the Singapore race scene that tends to categorise each of us: What sort of runner are you? Do you take your conditioning schedule and marathon engagements so seriously, one misstep is enough to throw your world into disarray? Or do you live for variety, throwing in the occasional “just for the fun of it” race so you can blow off steam and laugh a lot?

Happily, both categories of runners will find something they like about the upcoming Skechers Blacklight Run 2017 in Thailand. If you require a 5km personal best, aim for it. If the idea of running wildly through the night splashed with colour and surrounded by other night run enthusiasts sounds like too much fun to pass up, you'll find that experience in Thailand on 17th June, too.

You’ve still time to sort arrangements. Regular rate registrations on Spacebib don’t close until 7 June so as soon as you finish reading this, register for the run and book your airline tickets.

Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

About the Blacklight Run

Sponsor Skechers promises night of wild and crazy abandon, especially for runners who require the cover of night to relax and let go. You’ll get into the mood from the get-go when you collect your race pack stash on 10th or 11th June from noon to 8:00 p.m. at (G Floor) at The Office at Central World; 4 Rajprasong Road, 10330.

Can’t be in Thailand on that date because you’re still home in Singapore? Not to worry. Collect your stuff before the race on the night of the 17th. Garments included in your race pack are a signature T-shirt, VIP Tee, Race Bib and drawstring bag, but your whitest t-shirt will be the most important fashion statement you make on the big night. Without it, you can’t join the rainbow crowd.

Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

Colour you delighted

Show off your running style as you jog, walk, skip or otherwise perambulate yourself from start line to finish line, but be prepared for surprises along the route designed to drive your mood, spirit and invigorate your pace. You’ll be showered with non-toxic powders that come at you from everywhere in the dark of night.

One minute you’re covered with powder and running in the dark. Next minute, you pass through a black light zone along the route. As if by magic, powder on your white shirt morphs you into a green, pink and orange alien being. Those high-beam black lights illuminate fellow runners, too, so if you feel you've arrived in a parallel universe, that's because you have!

Finish your race and you'll be given a gift at the finish line: a free Skechers Blacklight Run™ Glow Packet of powder to sprinkle on anybody you please at what organisers (and faithful colour run fans) call the best post-race party in the world. If the run doesn't lure you to Thailand, the party should!

Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

Come for the race. Stay for the party.

Will it matter if you’re blue and purple? Actually, it will be to your advantage. Use the post-race party to hook up with another blue and purple runner as energetic tunes make you forget that you’ve just run 5km. Meet and mingle. Dance the night away. Shake off problems and pressures. This post-race party is your excuse to free your inhibitions.

DJ Kenneth G is coming to Singapore from Amsterdam, Netherlands to play the tunes you want to hear, so you know the music is going to be outrageous. He will oversee lighting up the Neon Sky. Your job is to have fun, party hard and if you’re covered with enough colour, perhaps nobody will recognise you so you can truly let your hair down.

Basic Black? Totally in Style—at Skechers Blacklight Run™ Thailand 2017

7 Reasons you may not want to do the Skechers Blacklight Run

  1. You really, really dislike having fun. Seriously. You’d prefer to sit alone in a room all night and sulk.
  2. You’re a colourphobe. Someone once gave you a red shirt and you’ve never forgiven that person.
  3. What if you run into your ex? Nobody says you can’t dance with him or her to show you harbour no ill will.
  4. Your race t-shirt drawer is filled to the brim. Your entire dresser will collapse if you add one more shirt.
  5. You promised your Mum you would visit her that night. No worries. Bring her along (she looks good in blue).
  6. Your wallet is empty. We have one word of advice: plastic.
  7. You dislike mixing sports with pleasure. Mate: you picked the wrong sport if this is how you feel!

What reason to you most often cite for why you either like or dislike colour runs? Are they too scary for you? Or do you crave getting lost in the night disguised as a human colour zombie?

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