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Batam Island First Color Marathon Promotes Fun and Family Togetherness

by On Nov 4, 2014
Batam Island First Color Marathon Promotes Fun and Family Togetherness

Like the idea of playing with coloured powders? Here is another event for you to join, the Color Marathon that will be happening at Batam, an island near Singapore on 9 November 2014, Sunday.

Organised by GEMPITA – Gerakan Masyarakat Peduli Batam, the Color marathon hopes to promote harmony between Batam citizens, encourage them to embrace Batam as their own home and also create awareness for a healthy lifestyle. Bring your family and children along to this event and enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation. Children are allowed to ride bikes, roller skates and push scooters. The trip from Singapore to Batam is just a mere 45 minutes ferry trip from Harbourfront Centre at less than $50 per person.

The 5km race will flag off at Dataran Engku Putri Batam Center in the morning at 6am by the city mayor. The route starts from Dataran Engku Putri – Simpang Frangky – Simpang Kara – Simpang Kabil ending at Kembali Ke Bataran Engku Putri. At each 1km, you will run past a gate and the staff will shower you with coloured powder matching the color of the gate that you have passed. Complete all the gates, and you will arrive covered in the colours of the rainbow at the finishing line. Enjoy the post-race party at the finish line with a live DJ and lucky draw prizes from the sponsors.

Batam Island First Color Marathon Promotes Fun and Family Togetherness

The coloured powders are made from 100% corn flour so it’s safe to be swallowed. Well, it doesn’t mean you should start tasting them. You are advised to use the glasses that are provided in the starter pack to protect your eyes and to look cooler. Meanwhile, do protect your cameras and gadgets with casings and covers to prevent damage. Other items in the starter pack include the race T-shirt, wristband, bottle, bag and of course different coloured powders.

Registration for the Batam Color Marathon is still open. An individual ticket will cost Rp. 150,000 (S$16) and a package of adults and children's tickets will cost Rp from 400,000 (S$43) to 575,000. (S$61)

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