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Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here’s How!

by On Nov 24, 2016

Because you can actually do that for free if you show up for the period between 24th and 27th November, scheduled from 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. on any or all four days.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

SITEX, Singapore's annual lifestyle IT show is back at Singapore EXPO Hall 5 & 6 for 4 days. This year, the show has launched new experiential activities such as a dance competition incorporating technology, IMDA's children's technology space (IMDA Pixel Labs), NTU intelligent systems, and SITEX Innovation Alley presented by SiTF - which will be educational, entertaining and engaging for the visitors.

SITEX Innovative Alley is part of a huge exposition that’s divided into four zones. Visit one or all of them at one location — Singapore Expo Halls 5 and 6 — and if you’ve an interest in new and cutting edge technology, educational innovation, entertainment and healthy lifestyles, you’re assured of an engaging experience.

Since there’s no charge for admission, even your wallet benefits, and this huge show is designed for all ages.

What’s in it for runners? Plenty, including new experiential activities that run the gamut from a technology-driven dance competition to IMDA's clever children's technology space (IMDA Pixel Labs). You’ll also get an opportunity to check out NTU's clever intelligence systems.

There’s something for everyone. Focus on one theme area — Adventure IT, Gaming, Smart Home/Appliances or the new Technology Zone — or stick around to see everything. Be forewarned that it could take all four days to see it all, so clearing your calendar and attending this huge event immediately is highly recommended.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Where to stop first!

As one of 16 exhibitors located within Innovation Alley, Spacebib should be your first destination when you reach the Expo venue because this company aims to be your running, sports and technology partner. Spacebib’s goal is to assist today’s busy and active consumer by building a bridge between innovation and technology that’s focused on healthier lifestyles.

Why get to know Spacebib? Because this vibrant website is timely. Relevant. Insightful. Spacebib has lofty ambitions — helping to change our community and world by being at the forefront of recreational activities and all of the benefits such events offer.

Even the name is symbolic: “bib” stands for the number a runner is given when he or she competes in a race; “space” stands for the physical place where people of all abilities and talents come together to share the joy of sports.

Why stop at Spacebib, located at booth #2 within the SITEX Innovation Alley staged at Expo Hall 5? Because if you sign up for any event on the Spacebib website between 24th and 27th November, you’ll be eligible for lucky draws that could land expensive prizes, sponsored by big brands, in your hands.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Terrance (Left) and Charlotte (Right), co-founders of Spacebib.

Here are brands that have sponsored the prizes:

  • Under Armour: UA is a status symbol for active people and frankly, the range of products manufactured under this company’s logo is staggering. From undergarments to outerwear fabricated to deal with weather extremes, there’s likely an Under Armour product in your wardrobe.
  • pjur active: For 20 years, pjur active has pioneered soothing and healing skin products. From chafing to blisters, pjur active gel products protect and lubricate, so runners enjoy relief from symptoms associated with intense physical activity. Once smoothed onto skin, pjur active’s silicone-based formulations have been described as miraculous.
  • Jabra: They’re the most technologically-advanced, wireless sports headphones on the market, according to brand-loyal runners. From noise-cancellation relief to acting as a critical communications tool, audio innovations produced by Jabra could turn you into a loyalist, too.
  • TomTom Sports: The GPS giant is a major player in fitness tracking, so TomTom products could keep better tabs on your active lifestyle than you do! From measuring body fat and muscle mass to monitoring your heartbeat, these slim wrist devices not only calculate your moves, but the touchscreen allows you to swipe data with a finger to retrieve incoming calls and texts. See for yourself why runners love this brand.
  • Nike: You need no introduction to this athletic shoe and sports gear behemoth, but wouldn’t you love to register for an event on Spacebib and become the winner of something amazing from Nike? New product introductions continue to surprise and delight runners throughout the globe.
  • Kordel’s: If Dr. Lelord Kordel knew that people would be booking a sporting event ticket via Spacebib, he might have called them crazy. Book tickets with a few keystrokes? The 1930s dietary supplement pioneer was too focused on healthy, natural solutions that make Kordel’s supplements leading-edge sellers around the world.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Where to go next

Spacebib is just the beginning of your journey through all of the zones that comprise the SITEX experience. Here’s a sampling of other exciting exhibitors that you’ll want to visit and find out more:


Everyone needs a place to live and if that describes you — or if you’re looking to find occupants — Krib helps homeowners find tenants and helps them deal with the legal paperwork, eliminating outrageous fees that can drive up the cost of the process.

Krib aims to empower ordinary people, so from scheduling viewing appointments to paperwork and helping with stamp duty, admin fees and rent payments, Krib’s long-range objectives remain the same: helping landlords, homeowners wishing to rent rooms, ex-pats who don’t know Singapore and students seeking digs near campus.

Why run around seeking a crib when that time is better spent running on a challenging trail?

Consider Krib your personal real estate agent at your beck and call anytime. Be sure to check out Krib if you wish to rent or list a room.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!


The folks at Merrymaker have a modest goal on their website: Create happiness! How do they do it? By innovating a curated marketplace for gift givers so no matter the occasion or celebration, the ideal, clever gift is ready to be plucked from the website at a price that makes your wallet happy, too.

Conceived by young professionals who were in continual quandaries over finding the perfect gifts for friend’s and family’s birthdays, weddings and other events, these giftanistas have launched a hassle-free platform that’s so responsive, you may wish these geniuses had come up with this stress-relieving idea years ago!

Need to surprise a fellow runner for a special occasion? Forget about cracking your head to think of what and where to shop for great gifts. Use Merrymaker to create happiness and a unique experience for your giftee. Just be sure to spend some time going through their huge selection of gifts.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Glyco Leap

Diabetes is one of the highest killers in Singapore and you will definitely know someone who has suffered from this disease. Show you care to someone who has diabetes and help them to live a better health life by recommending the Glyco Leap App.

Need just one place to help you manage your diabetes issues? Glyco Leap may be your “one-fits-all” health management solution. When it comes to glucose control, Glyco Leap has no equal. You receive guidance originating with dieticians and nutritional experts, and it's all located in one convenient place: on your smartphone.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!


Singaporeans may be living longer, healthier lives, but in fact, much of the population is ageing fast. Concerned about the toll impaired seniors are taking on society and families, the dreamers behind the Neeuro start-up have developed innovative products and ideas that empower people to live happier, healthier and more productive lives, simply by playing games based on neuro-technological theories and practices.

If you’re concerned about a family or community member — and understand that the estimated cost of dementia was around US$818 billion in 2015 — stopping at the Neeuro booth to give yourself or your kids an edge over others by getting the Neeuro SenzeBand at a special discounted price, exclusive only at SITEX.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Automate Asia

Singapore's goal of becoming a smart nation couldn't come better at the right time. Positioned as the first Smart Home Automation and “Internet of Things” online store in Singapore, Automate Asia’s wireless network technology includes Z-Wave and popular IoT Wi-Fi devices.

No worries about setting up your home automation system because Automate Asia not only does it for you, but they will walk you through everything you need to know about managing lighting and climate control, security and especially, energy savings.

Homeowners aren’t the only beneficiaries of this affordable largesse: businesses, educational entities and those concerned about safety and well-being are sure to find visiting this vendor’s SITEX exhibit to be invaluable.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Liquid Pay

What would it be like to live in a world that’s cash-free? That day is coming and not fast enough for Liquid Pay, the “scan and pay” technology that is so easy and convenient, you can leave SITEX with the keys to your cash-carrying freedom. This dynamic pricing engine is secure and safe, and you’ll have so many payment methods from which to choose, you’ll take to Liquid Pay like a duck to water.

Eligibility for promotions, discounts, offers and deals are non-stop with this secure mobile payment method that is surprisingly affordable. Liquid Pay isn’t just for consumers. Merchants benefit from lower discount rates and financial institutions can “unlock new segments” and expand their reach with this next generation of payment services.

Be Smart, Active and Healthy at SITEX 2016, Here's How!

Above are some of the interesting exhibitors you can find at the SITEX Innovation Alley. Be sure to check them out at their booth at Hall 5. If the above does not give you enough reasons to take a trip down, how about the following.

More incentives to drive your visit

  1. SITEX remains the most exciting consumer technology expo staged in Singapore — even sceptics agree.
  2. Learn about home living and family entertainment innovations while trying out products designed to revolutionise the way you undertake household tasks.
  3. Visit SITEX for first looks, tips, advice and equipment guaranteed to improve your physique.
  4. Take part in experiential activities in all four thematic zones, including touring the “smart apartment,” where ideas for streamlining chores will captivate you.
  5. Gain insights into intelligent living space and find out how to recreate some of these at your own residence.
  6. Register for more lucky draw prizes given away by other SITEX exhibitors.
  7. Learn the art of gamification within the zone that’s filled with learning and simulation experiences.
  8. Bring the entire family to this Expo; remember that there’s no charge to see every bit of this annual extravaganza.
  9. Brave the Tech Zone where kids from 5 to 16 can let their imaginations run wild and adults can admire NTU student inventions - after all, they're Singapore’s future.
  10. Leave time for the Adventure IT zone, a high-energy sports experience. From trampolines to GoPro action cameras, you will leave knowing what you’d like Santa to bring you for Christmas or any other holiday on your calendar.

What do you like best about shows like SITEX? Seeing new products? Learning how to organise your life and stay healthy? Or are you drawn to interactive experiences that let you to try things out before you buy?

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