Beirut International Marathon 2015: A Race For Everyone

by On Nov 7, 2015
Beirut International Marathon: A Race For Everyone

Happening on Sunday, 8 November 2015, the Beirut International Marathon will see all strata of Lebanese people come together to compete alongside one another on foot and on wheels.

Launched in 2003, this is the first international marathon in Lebanon and has evolved into one of the most successful running events in the region. Having grown to include more than 37,000 runners, the Beirut International Marathon has repeatedly proven itself to be a beacon of hope and inspiration in the strife-torn Middle East.

IAAF-certified with a silver label, the 42.195 km Full Marathon is open to runners aged 17 and above, for special needs participants, as well as for adult and student relay teams of six. Other categories include a 5 km Youth Race, 10 km Race, 10 km Fun Run, 10 km Special Needs Race, and a 2 km Run with Parents Race.

Beirut International Marathon: A Race For Everyone

Paula Radcliffe will be gracing the event as ambassador. The British runner is the world record holder for the fastest marathon time of 2:15:25, an incredible feat which has confounded experts ever since she achieved it in the 2003 London Marathon.

Also at the race grounds is Kenyan elite runner, Elijah Kiprono Kemboi, who is one of the most consistent marathon winners in the world.

Several teams and individuals are running the Beirut International Marathon for various worthy causes, particularly for organisations supporting sick and disadvantaged children such as heartbeat, the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon and CAP-HO.

Beirut International Marathon: A Race For Everyone

Visit the official Beirut International Marathon website for more information.

Mass running events like these excite us because they bring people of all walks of life together in a spirit of ambition and kindred. What do you like to see in international marathons?

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