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Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

by On Nov 6, 2016

If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars?

Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

As 2016 becomes more of a memory than a current event, we’d like to ask you this question: Have you acted on the New Year’s Eve resolution you made in December 2015 to put at least one non-Singapore run on your activity calendar?

If your answer is “no,” be of good cheer: you’ve got one last chance to run an exotic distance event outside Singapore before the bells ring to herald in 2017: The Bintan Moon Run 2016.

Distance won’t be a problem since Bintan just an hour away, but you’ll feel as though you’re in another world if you run this race.

The Indonesian island is the largest in the Riau Province and the people are so friendly, it won’t take long to wind down and enjoy an end-of-year runcation at this gorgeous resort-focused destination. Need we remind you of the daunting number of hours you work and how badly you need a respite?

It’s easy to register, book accommodations for an extended stay and enjoy a full-blown runcation. Just grab your shoes and plan to stick around to see as much as possible before or after you run so you return home refreshed and ready for the upcoming holidays.

6 great reasons to take part in the Bintan Moon Run

  1. You need a break and the year is growing short, so finish up 2016 in top running style.
  2. If you’ve never tried running a nighttime marathon, this makes a great introduction to nocturnal events.
  3. You could win a cash prize or trophy if your performance is outstanding.
  4. If you bring the kids, you can set an example by including them in your cheer squad at the 10km event.
  5. Perhaps your child will be the prize winner—can you imagine how much pride you will take in the moment?
  6. The Bintan Moon Run is just part of the excitement surrounding this joyful run, so keep reading!

Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

About the Bintan Moon Run

Bintan Moon Run organisers want your “last run of the year” to be an effortless experience, so you can visit the race website to make arrangements for everything from registration to accommodations assistance at any of the luxurious resorts in Bintan where guests are treated like royalty.

Once logistics are handled, you’ll be ready to experience a unique collaboration between Indonesia and Singapore that quite literally lights up the night sky on 3rd December 2016 when the Lagoi Bay event kicks off after sundown and the collective energy of loyal Moon Run participants reaches fever pitch.

Don’t expect an ordinary marathon! Sure, you can put forth your biggest effort by challenging yourself to the 10km or stay mellow by watching your kids “compete” at the 500m Kids Dash Fun Run. Your choice. But, don’t beg off the 10km because you’re worried that you’re not experienced enough to run with veterans.

The Moon Run Sprint is designed for runners of all skill levels, especially first timers. Whichever event you pick, you’ll be in good company. Finish and nab a Moon Run Finisher T-shirt and Moon Run medal at the finish line!

Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

How to get to Bintan Island

If you’re so rich, you don’t know what to do with all of your money, travel to Bintan in style via a private plane or private chartered yacht and sip champagne as you journey between Singapore and Bintan to participate in the Moon Run.

If you’re like the rest of us and love to pilot your own transport, it only takes about an hour by catamaran ride to get to Lagoi Bay, where all of the action takes place.

Alternately take the Bintan Resorts Ferry that runs between Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Bandar Bintan Telani Ferry Terminal.

For ferry run times, days and rates, get the details here. You’ll meet fellow travelers enroute, so who needs fancy transport when you can get into the spirit of the event during the crossing?

Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

What you need to know

If you’re new to Singapore-originated travel, you won’t require a travel visa to Indonesia, so that’s one detail you can cross off your list. And just in case something comes up that prohibits you from getting to the Bintan Moon Run after you register, you can transfer your registration for a small administrative fee, just as long as you make this arrangement by Midnight on 15th November.

Organisers have even made collecting your race entry packet a breeze: Runners can collect their materials in Singapore a week before the race at Scenic Travel PTe Ltd. At 151 Lorong Chuan #04-08, New Tech Park (Lobby H). Bring your ID and you’re good to go.

On the big day, arrange your schedule to suit your mood and interest in seeing more of Bintan because the 10km race flag off isn’t until 1830h and the Kids’ Fun Run kicks off at 1900h. Stroll the beach. Relax. After the races, prize presentations conclude the running portion of the day at 2100h and then you can kick back or bust a few moves at the Soundscape Music Festival wearing your official finisher’s shirt.

This event is so popular, some runners do the moon run just to get a free ticket to this musical extravaganza.

Bintan Moon Run 2016: A Heavenly Treat of Run, Music and Fun by the Beach

Nighttime is the right time for post-run fun!

At Soundscape, a music concert experience that can only be described as extraordinary, you’ll see Indonesia’s hottest musical celebrities entertain crowds with a live show that caps off the celebration with a bang.

Plenty of non-runners come to Bintan just for Soundscape and fork over a hefty 250K IDR for a ticket, but as a Moon Runner, you’ve not only got a free admit but you’ll already be onsite, so you can get to the stage area directly from the prize presentation without having to queue with the crowd.

Who’s on the concert playbill? Noah, DJ Winky Wiryawan, DJ Jasmin, the Angel Percussion and Russia’s hottest performers, Don’t Ask Me Why. The moon is guaranteed to be out to illuminate the sky and light up the night as you enjoy the stars, the beach and the sand beneath your feet while listening to international music celebs on the shore of the largest man-made lake in Bintan.

Make good on your promise to yourself to end 2016 on a high note—as high as the moon! You don’t have much time to get in on this popular nighttime race, so make your arrangements now and once they’re set, you can start mulling your next New Year’s resolutions!

How often do you leave Singapore to run a race? Do you have a specific, maximum distance in mind that you won’t exceed, or are you willing to travel to the ends of the earth to be part of the right running event?

Sign up for the Bintan Moon Run 2016 and have a different running experience!

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