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Bromo Marathon 2014: Get Immersed in the Beautiful Mountain Sights of Tengger, Indonesia

by On May 8, 2014
Bromo Marathon 2014: Get Immersed in the Beautiful Mountain Sights of Tengger, Indonesia

On September 1st, 2013, over 900 runners and 5,000 spectators from over 30 different countries swarmed to the tiny, isolated mountain village of Wonokitri to take part in the first annual Bromo Marathon – racing for the advancement of education in rural Indonesia's Tengger region.

Observe the Unique Tenggerese Culture

Tucked in a massif of rugged mountains in East Java's Tengger region, the 2nd Annual Bromo Marathon will be held on September 7, 2014, offering both breath-taking views of beautiful unique landscapes and the opportunity to observe one of Indonesia's most unique cultures, the Tenggerese. With glowing reviews from both runners and the press, the Bromo Marathon was touted by CNN as one of Asia's Top Destination Races in 2013.

Bromo Marathon 2014: Get Immersed in the Beautiful Mountain Sights of Tengger, Indonesia

The 2014 race expects over 2,000 runners and 7,500 spectators as the popularity of long-distance footracing throughout Indonesia and South East Asia continues to grow.

Get Immersed in Beautiful Landscapes and Serene Temples

The Bromo Marathon encourages runners of all levels to participate, offering three race categories: the Full Marathon (42.195km), Half Marathon (21.097km) and 10K.

This year's course will yet again immerse runners in the beautiful landscapes, serene temples, and unique communities of the Tengger region, covering a diversity of terrain with the route varying between paved road and offroad dirt trails. Incorporating several hills throughout the course, the Bromo Marathon will give runners a good challenge!

While 2013's Bromo 10K took place predominantly on paved road, this year's 10k route will take runners into the hills this year, with the course seeing a significant increase in its off-road trail portion.

Advocating the Importance of Literature, Critical Thinking and Creativity

Furthermore, as the Bromo Marathon operates as a charity event – with a portion of proceeds going directly to the support of local schools and education.

Their mission this year is to continue advocating the importance of literature, critical thinking and creativity through reading – with a portion of proceeds from the event going to the support of local schools through the development and advancement of school library facilities in the surrounding communities.

Runing For Peace Through Understanding

Bromo Marathon 2014: Get Immersed in the Beautiful Mountain Sights of Tengger, Indonesia

The Bromo Marathon not only provides participants with a beautiful and challenging course, but immerses them in true village life and the unique culture of the Tengger in an effort to promote cross-cultural interaction and peace through understanding.

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