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Burden Run: The Rope Edition Challenges Runners In May 2014

by On Apr 8, 2014
Burden Run: The Rope Edition Challenges Runners In May 2014

Running with additional weight is not something new. However, it might sound just a tiny bit crazy for newbies. But for people who like adventures and challenge, the Burden Run: The Rope Edition might sound like excellent fun.

Run With… Rope?

Sport Management students from University Malaya are organizing this special "Rope" edition on 17 May 2014. Runners will first run 4.5km, where they will then pick up and carry a length of mooring rope (a thick, sturdy rope used to secure ships) and run the remaining 5.7km. The rope will weigh around 5kg for the men's category, and 3kg for the woman's category.

The main objective for this special edition is to create a new phenomenon of fitness and health, and also create a new challenge for run lovers in Malaysia. Participants will gain a different experience compare to other running events.

Burden Run: The Rope Edition Challenges Runners In May 2014

Challenge Yourself, But Don't Get Caught Up In A Knot

The Rope Edition is affiliated with MetconX, who had organized the first Burden Run at the same venue on January this year, and MetconX will be one of the sponsors in this event, as well.

As much as 4 tons of mooring rope will be used in the event, and runners could use their creativity on how they wanted to carry the rope to cross the finishing line.

The Burden Run: The Rope Edition will start at 7am, at the University Malaya Stadium, Kuala Lumpur at the UM Arena on 17 May 2014.

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