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Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

by On Nov 23, 2016

Travel to Langkawi to compete in this year’s AkTion SwimFest and there’s a good chance you’ll return for future triathlons after spending time in this gorgeous corner of Malaysia.

Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

Whether you took to the water like a duck when you were a small child splashing in Singapore swimming pools—or swimming lessons eluded you until you were older—developing a passion for the sport of swimming is easy to do.

Soothing water leaves you weightless and buoyant so the freedom to move at a fast clip beats most land-based sports where gravity may determine how well one performs.

Swimming is easy on the joints and the mind, so if friends and family insist that you move like a fish and you’ve begun to take them seriously, there’s nothing like a swimming competition to show everyone that, in terms of prowess, you’re an aquatic star.

About the AkTion Series SwimFest

SwimFest is part of the AkTion Langkawi, an exciting new eco-sports race series, slated to be held on 10th December 2016. The challenges, fun and opportunities to compete on your own terms are reflected in the diversity of competition choices: there’s a 2km event for those who want to start their swim careers on a cautious note.

Both the 4km and 6km events are recommended for long-distance swimmers, multi-sport aficionados and triathletes—those who hold their own in the water.

Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

Open to people of all skill levels, athletes can assess their talents and then sign up for one of these categories:

  1. The 2km mixed gender open to anyone 14 and older (this event is aimed at new swimmers).
  2. The 4km mixed gender event; designed for swimmers ages 16 and older.
  3. The International Open is a 6km competitive race welcoming men and women over the age of 16.
  4. The mixed gender Malaysian Open hosts swimmers within the age range of between 16 and 39.
  5. The Malaysian Veteran Open category is geared toward those 40+ who are eager to tackle a 6km swim.

Expect the usual goodies if you compete

Since this event is being billed as Langkawi’s first international open water swimming event, competitors from all over the world will have a chance to see firsthand how it feels to swim close to international waters that border Thailand and Malaysia, without having to stop in mid-stroke to show officials a passport!

Instead, your Tanjung Rhu credentials will consist of entitlements that range from a goodie bag filled with freebies from sponsors to an event t-shirt, swim cap and finisher’s medal bearing the SwimFest logo.

That medal is guaranteed to look awesome hanging on your wall and you don’t even have to arrive early to get entitlements because all of these goodies are handed out after you come out of the water. How about a peek at what you can expect at the aquatic event? Visit the SwimFest Facebook page and the urge to retrieve your swimsuit and goggles may be too strong to ignore!

Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

A different kind of swim contest

Not every aquatic event allows and encourages those who may be skittish about swimming in open waters to use swim aids, but if you sign on for the AkTion Langkawi, you are welcome to wear flotation gear from start to finish, no matter which event you choose.

Organisers decided that this gear would encourage those who might be reticent to enter the race, giving swimmers a bit more confidence and therefore, encouraging them to take part.

There is one restriction, however: participants won’t be considered for podium honours if they wear swim aids, so even if your time is better than everyone else’s, you can’t claim a prize unless you finish your race on your own.

That stated, the Tanjung Rhu SwimFest location is reward enough for entering this swimming event. Traveling to this gorgeous area is inspiring and fascinating, and while you’re around, learn more about other competitions within the AkTion Series: The Mount Mat Chinchang SkyBridge Climb and the Tuba Trail Run.

The Tuba Trail Run alone promises athletes the swimming, running and climbing challenge of a lifetime for those still completing bucket lists.

Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

Why Langkawi?

A competitive swim may be what attracts the athlete in your soul to this corner of the earth, but the beauty of this land will win your heart. Langkawi is a paradise on earth consisting of 99 forested tropical islands, each so unique, UNESCO has proclaimed the area one of only 94 recognised Geoparks on the planet.

You could run into geologists, ecologists, archaeologists and photographers wandering around as they study this destination for myriad scientific and aesthetic reasons. If you can resist filling your digital camera's memory card with pictures, you'll be one visitor in a million!

Calling All Swimmers: Don’t Miss the 10th December AkTion SwimFest 2016

By registering for the AkTion SwimFest, get a first-hand look at land that time seems to have forgotten and it’s not too late to plan a year-end holiday in conjunction with the race, so if you need a nudge, watch this video to discover what you can expect to see if you register. Wouldn't this make a perfect way to end 2016 on a positive note?

Do you like the idea of a competitive race that offers a wide range of distance challenges so neophytes can “get their feet wet” without having to jump into the deep end of the ocean?

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