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Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon 2016: Harness Your Own Energy

by On Sep 2, 2016

In its second edition, the Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon rides on the accolade of being a premier ultramarathon event in the country, pushing ultramarathoners to go longer, faster and together.

Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon 2016: Harness Your Own Energy

The Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon is a partnership between Cardimax L-Carnitine and the Clark Ultramarathon team. It represents a synergy of purpose to promote health through sports.

The second edition of the event will take place from 3-4 September 2016, at the Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

Race Format

While the term “ultramarathon” may seem daunting to some, the event organiser was definitely not missing out on runners with a preference for shorter distances. Alongside main events - 50K Challenge and 100K Championship, on offer are also the 50K Relay (2-Men) and 100K Relay (4-Men). The Relays extend a warm welcome to participants who are not ready for full distances to join in the annual festivities.

Priority will be given to newbies for the 50K Challenge although registration is open to all. On the other hand, the 100K Championship caters to seasoned marathoners who are up and ready for a bigger challenge, against themselves and against others.

In hope to aid participants in their training preparations, the event organiser is also offering runners an 18-week Training Calendar, with training plans commencing on 1 May 2016.

Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon 2016: Harness Your Own Energy

Race Course

Runners will be completing a road course in a 50km loop (2 loops for 100K participants), coupled with high elevation climbs and downhill slopes.

The course starts at the Clark Parade Grounds across the Clark Museum, bringing participants through the wide highway along the tree-lined Airforce City that showcases WWII fighter jets and planes. High elevation climbs and downhill slopes can be expected next while runners head towards the Subic–Clark–Tarlac Expressway. The last leg of the race will be along Balagtas Avenue where the route consists of a mix of open and tree-lined roads.

The breathtaking views along the route is definitely a great attraction as runners will get to witness the spectacular Mount Arayat, Sacobia River and the mountain ranges in Miyamit.

Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon 2016: Harness Your Own Energy

Go Longer, Go Faster, Go Together

The Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon aspires to be more than just a race. It aims to gather ultramarathoners of varying levels of techniques, speed and experience, in a journey to inspire each other to go beyond their limits, give their best and harness their own energy.

A post-race festival will be held around the Clark Museum ground for all to experience the special camaraderie and friendship among competitors, volunteers, race officials, fitness professionals and other partners.

Embark on a rewarding journey to harness your own energy: to go longer, faster and together!

Yun Jie is a competitive athlete and coach who is actively involved in various sports at community and international levels. Through editorial writing, she hopes to positively influence and educate readers with her expertise and experience in high sports performance.

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