The sixth edition of the Clark-Miyamit Falls Ultra (CM 50) will be held on Sunday, 27 November 2016. It is the fifth and final SuperTrail race in the 2016 Asia Trail Master series.

The trail course of CM 50 is arguably not the most spectacular nor breath-taking, but this iconic event of Luzon island stands out for being novice-friendly with an adequate elevation gain/loss (3100 hm for the 50 miles race), and a relatively longer 18 hour cut-off time. In addition, a shorter 60km distance is also available for intermediate and beginner trail runners.

Race Format

CM 50 consists of two race categories: 60km and 50 miles (82km). Both distances are eligible for points under the Asia Trail Master Series.

The 50 miles category is accredited by the International Trail Running Association and will earn points for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.

Cut-off times are 18 hours for the 50 miles category and 16 hours for the 60km category.

Photo Credit: Studio Zag/Asia Trail Master

Race Course

CM 50 will offer ultra-runners several technical sections, including gravel road, fire trails, dirt road, river and lahar crossings, single tracks, partly asphalt/concrete road, as well as a climb and descent to and fro Miyamit Falls and the Pinatubo Caldera.

Both distances will start in the Clark Parade Grounds and will take runners through an out-and-back course on a footpath connecting Clark to the scenic Miyamit Falls in Porac, Pampanga. This old trail was used primarily by Aetas (indigenous people of Luzon island) who travel from their ancestral land, Clark and other neighbouring areas.

Take in sights of the local heritage, including a sugarcane plantation, the Sitio Ebus (Aeta community), the expansive Pasig-Potrero River and the magnificent Miyamit Falls.

Elevation gain/loss is 3100hm for the 50 miles race and 2166hm for the 60km race.

Photo Credit: Studio Zag/Asia Trail Master

Asia Trail Master Championship

The Pinoy trail running community will be cheering for local favourite – Manolito Divina and Majo Liao. Both runners won this race last year, and Divina is in the lead to be crowned as the Asia Trail Master champion this year.

While the current standings may look promising to Divina, he will however, have to defend himself against Indonesia’s Arief Wismoyono (last year’s Asia Trail Master champion), Demark’s Jan Nilsen and Kristian Joergenson, among other up-and-coming contenders.

Photo Credit: Studio Zag/Asia Trail Master

Joergenson edged over Divina and Nilsen in the preparatory Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon, a shorter version of CM 50 last month.

Expect intense world-class competition as runners enter the ultimate showdown for the Asia Trail Master Championship.

Goh Yun Jie

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