Discover Sri Lanka’s Most Beautiful Secrets When You Run Sri Lanka – The Wild Elephant Trail in 2015

by On Nov 1, 2014
Discover Sri Lanka's Most Beautiful Secrets When You Run Sri Lanka - The Wild Elephant Trail in 2015

The country of Sri Lanka evokes serene tranquillity, such as wild turtles, peacocks, eagles, water buffalos and the famous Sri Lankan elephants roaming free in nature.

Run and discover the country's stunning natural features, unique plants and wildlife, and beautiful heritage sites in Sri Lanka – The Wild Elephant Trail, the first ever multi-stage race in the country that stretches 210km over 6 days!

Wild Natural Sights of Sri Lanka in 210km Race Held Over 6 Stages!

All participants will be picked up from Colombo International Airport on 6 March 2015, and transport will be provided to the hotel at one of most beautiful beaches in Negombo, Sri Lanka, where all participants will gather and get to know each other.

With a full-board policy, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Runners can bring additional hydration, snacks and gels too.

Projected at a distance of 210km held in 6 stages, you will start the race on 8 March 2015, in the religious temple area of Yapahuwa, which was once the ancient palace of Sri Lanka. Yapahuwa is most famous for its ornamental stairway, and various ancient Buddhist artefacts still remain there today.

Discover Sri Lanka's Most Beautiful Secrets When You Run Sri Lanka - The Wild Elephant Trail in 2015

Along the way, get to camp in rural village houses and interact with the native population. Stay at and explore the ancient monastery ruins amidst the Ritigala Mountain Range, and relax at the Kandalama Lake, which also offers stunning views of the Ritigala Mountains.

210km and 6 days later, finish triumphant after climbing 1,860 steps to the top of the world heritage site, the Sigiriya Rock! The most visited historic site in Sri Lanka, the many rock shelters and caves in the area were thought to be occupied by Buddhist monks and ascetics from as early as the 3rd century B.C.!

Tailor-Made Extension Programmes to See The Wonders of Asia

Race organisers Global Limits are also happy to offer you tailor-made extension programmes, whether it is in the cultural triangle, the tea plantations, the national parks or the beautiful beaches.

In this race, the sights you see will be wild and varied, running along the canals and streams in the green paddy fields and entering the jungles of Sri Lanka. And yes, you just might be able to catch a glimpse of the majestic wild Sri Lankan elephant in their natural splendour. Be part of this breathtaking experience and join Sri Lanka – The Wild Elephant Trail now!

Discover Sri Lanka's Most Beautiful Secrets When You Run Sri Lanka - The Wild Elephant Trail in 2015

Sri Lanka – The Wild Elephant Trail will take place over 6 days, starting from 8 March to 13 March 2015. Race packages are priced at EU€1,850 (US$2,326) for the 9 day vacation (from 6 March to 14 March 2015), which includes transport, food, accommodation and more. There are also post-race extension programmes available.

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