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Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

by On Sep 25, 2016

Would you rather don your coolest duds for a 3km race or get decked out for the post-run party? How about doing both on 5th November when Singapore landmark Zouk moves to new digs?

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

The run and fun excuse you’ve been hungry for is just around the corner, so you’d better jump on this unique opportunity fast. The Zouk Run will be the epicenter of all things celebratory when the club’s first-ever run ends with a landmark party to celebrate the relocation of this iconic club.

Work up a sweat. Or don’t. That’s your prerogative when you show up at 17 Jiak Kim Street at 5 p.m. on 5th November for a run party unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past.

Making a Run for History

Unless you just arrived in Singapore, you’ve probably been to or heard about Zouk, the hottest club in town, where nights are lively and music is non-stop, courtesy of awesome DJs and Singaporeans who crave seeing and being seen.

Today’s happening club is a far cry from the three warehouses built on the Singapore River in 1919 that, over time, have managed to survive despite meteoric changes taking place over nearly 100 years.

Walls came down. Walls went up. Roofs were replaced, yet the changing silhouette of the Jiak Kim Street warehouses remained in flux until 1991. That’s when entrepreneurs decided this space was made for fun.

Zouk opened its doors to party animals that year and its success can be measured in the number of times interior and exterior changes were made to make the club Singapore’s hottest late night attraction, not the least of which is the traffic-stopping LED wall that never stops flashing dynamic graphics.

But like Jericho, that wall is coming down. So is the speaker system and acoustical features that separate Zouk from wannabe competitors. But don’t be blue! Zouk has just outgrown its space, thus it's moving to a splashier address, reason alone for holding a fun run followed by a party on the 5th.

Be part of the transition. Celebrate Zouk’s relocation to Clarke Quay and make some history of your own that night.

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

About The Zouk Run

Nothing that’s connected to Club Zouk is ordinary, thus the first Zouk Run wears many faces. It’s a leisure run. A fun run. A pre-party jog with some of Singapore’s best and brightest. And after taking laps on a pre-determined route slated to be loaded with surprises, runners wind up right where they started, since both the flag off and finish line are at the club’s front door.

Worried you’ll be so wilted, you won’t be in shape for the after-party? Relax. The circuit is just 3km. You probably won’t break a sweat, though we don’t recommend wearing high heels to cover the distance, divas!

Everyone registering gets to choosing the theme that most closely matches their unique personalities. Choices include Podium Queen, Shuffler, Musichead and Mambo King. When you check out the t-shirts designed to represent each, you’re going to have a hard time making a selection because the art is off the charts.

Register, signify your personal pick and receive your character-driven tee with your race pack as well as a matching party prop. Anyone over 16 can get in on the fun — but the best news of all is that runners get an automatic invite to Zouk’s Velvet Underground and if you’re 18+, all of Zouk dance rooms are open to you throughout the night, too.

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?


A Different Kind of Event

As you can imagine after reading the distance you’ll be required to “run” to be part of the Zouk relocation celebration, you’re not going to have to train much to come out a winner, but be advised that the run is just the start of the evening thus stamina is required.

Snap up limited-edition Zouk Run merchandise for yourself and friends. This valuable commemorative art won't last long and who wants to whine after the fact about failing to snag an event memento? Snap up souvenirs for friends who can’t attend the race or after party and fuel your shopping expedition with snacks prepared by food vendors at the race village before you show off your dance moves at the club.

Of course, you’re not going to have to worry about getting your heart rate up just because the run itself isn’t the most daunting you’ve ever undertaken. The music that pulses throughout Zouk at the after-party is going to re-charge every cell in your body thanks to the exciting selection of international dance beats you're guaranteed every time you hang out here.

What’s your preference? Progressive? Techno? Garage, breaks or big beats — expect it all from the moment you arrive until you collapse from exhaustion. Remember: this is the last time you’ll make the scene at Jiak Kim Street, so snooze for a few days beforehand to prepare for all eventualities!

Do You Have the Stamina to Run and Party At The Zouk Run?

Everyone’s invited!

If you act fast, you still have time to get in on early bird discount Zouk Run rates that entitle you to all of the event perks.

Once you register, decide what you’ll wear who you are likely to bump into on this big night — particularly if you've had a laugh or two about typical characters you run into every time you party.

We've identified 12 types for your amusement. We know there are more. Perhaps you’ll see your friends (or yourself) on this list of partiers!

  1. The Photographer: The dude can’t stop snapping. He’s the reason you avoid Facebook following the party because you don’t want to see how you looked at 3 a.m.
  2. The Philosopher: As the evening wears on, she morphs into Sophocles, minus the toga, dispensing all manner of pithy philosophies — even when nobody asks her to opine on her lofty thoughts.
  3. The Napper: It matters not how loud and vibrating the music may be at Zouk, this dude can fall asleep anywhere and remain that way — even when party-goers draw on his face.
  4. The Shameless Flirt: Seriously — the girl will come onto a piece of statuary if given the opportunity, so a designated friend may be needed to keep her in check.
  5. The Creep: Like his counterpart (above), the dude never met a girl he couldn’t try seducing. Perhaps he needs to stop going after women who know each other!
  6. The Mooch: Did she bring money? No. Lipstick? No. How about a purse? Uh, no. She’s going to spend the post-run party hitting everyone up for stuff. Conjure up some pity. She can't help herself.
  7. The Tool: A single drink turns The Tool into one angry guy. You can spot him sitting alone on a bar stool because everyone has his number and stays far away.
  8. The Dancer: The floor isn’t good enough for her — she needs attention. So there’s not a pedestal, bar or piece of elevated furniture she’s not willing to climb to shake her bootie.
  9. The Playlist Brat: He glues himself to a spot beneath the DJ's platform and spends the night begging the DJ to use his playlist picks instead of the crowd's.
  10. The Food Thief: She says she’s watching her weight, but put your plate down for a moment and it might be clean by the time you see it again.
  11. The Bailer: He shows up at parties because his mum says he should, but his heart’s not in it. He came for the run and then disappears faster than Houdini.
  12. The Gossip: This species can be identified by listening to her talk for just a few nanoseconds: “OMG; did you see those shoes? On the Ugly Scale, they’re a 10!”

Would you like to see other party animals added to our list? Sign up for the Zouk Run, hit the after-party and send us suggestions, ‘cause we’re all ears!

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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