Embark on Adventures Galore with Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2015!

by On Feb 3, 2015
Embark on Adventures Galore with Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2015!

Adventure and thrill seekers, heads up! The 17th Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset takes place in the week of 1 to 8 August 2015. Gathering from all corners of the world at the shores of Lake Hovsgol in Northern Mongolia, runners can look forward to another exciting 42km and 100km ultra trail run like no other. Expect to be dazed by sights, smells, sounds, tastes and various experiences of this rustic land.

"It is a whole week of exploration with horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers – and of course running",

says race director Nicolas Musy.

The race on Wednesday, 5 August 2015 will be as arduous as it is alluring. Runners will run pass yak herds, wild horses, shamanistic ovoos—or cairns made up of rocks and wood, as well as Mongolian yurts and horsemen. One of the most pristine and spectacular places the planet has to offer, the course traces along an alpine lake through woods and over windblown lowlands. You'll tackle an accumulated elevation of 2.255m—it is 3.365m for the 100km course, scaling steep, rocky mountain passes with breathtaking views of vast river valleys, thick marshy forests and endless seas of wildflowers.

Embark on Adventures Galore with Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2015!

Photo Credit: Richard Hirst

Preserving the National Park

All proceeds from Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset are used to keep Hovsgol National Park immaculate. The non-profit initiative also supports the culture of the local population via the "ecoLeap foundation" registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

"It is not only the pristine nature that makes this part of the world so special. It is also the unique culture of the nomads and their way of life. The nomads should be proud of their abilities and culture,"

remarks Musy.

Their philosophy to minimize the impact on the natural environment is truly admirable. Not only do they use bio-degradable green paint to mark the marathon course, they also strive to use local resources as much as possible, even using locally produced double cream instead of imported margarine and butter.

Embark on Adventures Galore with Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 2015!

Booking Details

Race week packages for adults and children comprise of sensational and meaningful itineraries. There are also two add-on packages for to stay in comfortable Camp Toilogt or for horse trekking with professional guides.

Early bird travel packages are available until 1 March 2015—so don't hesitate!

Find out more details on their official website.

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