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Epic 14,000 KM Record Run Around Australia

by On May 8, 2015
Epic 14,000 KM Record Run Around Australia

Dave Alley, a police officer from New South Wales Australia, has begun his epic attempt to break the national record for the fastest person to run around Australia. The goal? To complete the vast distance of more than 14,000 kilometres in record-breaking time of 178 days or less—that means an average of over 77km per day, every day, for nearly 6 months!

Supporting Dave on the gruelling challenge from the start of the race is pjur active, specialists in sports skincare.

"pjur active is honoured and delighted to sponsor David on his historic Race Around Australia 2. We are with him every step of this great journey, and wish him a safe and successful race"

says Alexander Giebel, CEO and Founder of pjur group Luxembourg.

Epic 14,000 KM Record Run Around Australia

Rob, Dave and Alexander at the start.

In a marathon record attempt dubbed Race Around Australia 2, Dave Alley hopes to raise $100,000 for the White Cloud Foundation and its mission to help increase resources and support for people living with depression and their families.

Before embarking on his incredible race starting in Lismore, New South Wales, Dave said,

"It's a huge challenge ahead of me. I've tested the pjur active 2skin against chafing and blistering and it's been fantastic. I'm really happy with the product and great to have pjur on board.”

In Race Around Australia 1, Dave's goal was to become the fastest person to ever cycle around Australia. He achieved the extraordinary 14,251km journey in a mere 37 days, 20 hours and 45 minutes—three days off the previous record! Plus, he raised $30,000 and gained enormous exposure for the White Cloud Foundation.

Epic 14,000 KM Record Run Around Australia

Dave Alley leaving.

When Dave successfully concludes the latest race, he will be the first person ever to cycle and run around Australia in record-breaking time.

Best of luck to you, Dave!

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