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Experience Singapore’s First Ever 5K Foam Run at Sentosa

by On Feb 6, 2014
Experience Singapore’s First Ever 5K Foam Run at Sentosa

Tenacity and bravery is key to the completion of The 5K Foam Run at Sentosa. A non-timed running event, the main focus of the 5K Foam Run is to have fun while running!

Foam-Filled Fun For the Family

All participants will be braving through numerous foam-filled obstacles throughout the entire running route with their loved ones.

This fun-filled event would be held in tropical sunny Sentosa. Along its scenic golden sandy beaches and lush greenery, The 5K Foam Run would be a highlight attraction on the vibrant island resort come race day!

The race route would cover the coastal jogging tracks and crosses along the beautiful Siloso and Palawan Beaches.

Experience Singapore’s First Ever 5K Foam Run at Sentosa

Clean, Biodegradable Foam

Being 99% water and 1% soap, the foam is safe for the skin, bio-degradable and non-staining. Race organiser H4tch Events recommends that you do not inhale or get the foam into your eyes. It will wash completely out after the event and maybe you will come out of the race cleaner than you went in!

There will be a wash down area after the finish point. With a good wipe off, you will be good to go home nice and clean.

Get to experience the first ever 5K Foam Run along the sandy beaches of Sentosa on 24 and 25 May 2014. Register now at http://www.the5kfoamrun.com.sg/.

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