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Garmin Points the Way to the 2015 and 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathons

by On May 11, 2015
Garmin Points the Way to the 2015 and 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathons

No marathon runner worth his salt can afford to lose his way—whether in real life or on the running circuit—so when organisers of the internationally popular Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCA) announced a new partnership with Garmin, a global leader in GPS technology, that's to span the 2015 and 2016 Australian marathon seasons, all interested parties hailed the announcement as a match made in running heaven.

What does being a partner at the annual GCA Marathon entail? Plenty. Garmin becomes the official GPS timepiece of the event and the firm becomes the named sponsor of the Garmin Legends lunch at both the 2015 and 2016 recognition affairs held in conjunction with the race. Never heard of the Legends Lunch? Where have you been hiding?

It's hard to say who expressed more enthusiasm about the GCA/Garmin partnership—Gold Coast Marathon CEO Cameron Hart or Matt DeMoss, Garmin Australia's general manager—but both agree that competitors benefit the most from this collaboration.

“Elite and casual runners already prefer Garmin's technology,” said Hart, “and we hope that by partnering with GCA for the next two years, we expose athletes throughout the Pacific Rim to the advantages of the Garmin via our high-profile Gold Coast Marathon presence."

Garmin Points the Way to the 2015 and 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathons

For runners unsure about the benefits of Garmin wearables, the library of styles and features currently on Garmin's menu are dynamic enough to push even the most disciplined runner's heartbeat up a few numbers. From fashionable wrist devices in the Forerunners Collection to sporty Fenix and Tactix designs, to the exciting Vivoactive with its intriguing watch face graphics, runners can find the right combination of features and options to fit every budget.

"We won't be monitoring the wrists of Gold Coast Marathon competitors at the finish line,” DeMoss laughed, “but we expect to see our brand well represented because our research indicates that Garmins are fast becoming the wrist device of choice throughout this region."

For athletes planning to run the GCA, technology will meet tributes as excitement builds toward 4th July when those fortunate to have booked a place at the Legends Lunch meet up at the Jupiters Hotel and Casino for the eagerly anticipated 12:00 p.m. event. This exclusive opportunity to share a meal and receive pre-race advice from running legends remains a highlight of this marathon. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Jupiters chefs prepare a delicious menu of carbohydrate-rich foods for the buffet, so nobody has to compromise their training program.

If this sounds too irresistible to miss, you'll want to act now to buy a ticket so you're not left at the start line when attendees grab up all of the tickets! Once you book your ticket, prepare to be delighted when you enter the ballroom on 4th July. In addition to sharing pre-race jitters, excitement and energy with your contemporaries, make it a point to introduce yourself to former marathon world record-holder Robert de Castella, four-time Olympian Steve Moneghetti, four-time Gold Coast Airport Marathon winner Pat Carroll, World Cross Country Champion Benita Willis and three-time Olympic marathoner Lee Troop, each of whom will be on hand.

"We are receiving more confirmations from celebrities, coaches and athletes every day—so many, we could update our guest list daily if we didn't have so much else on our plates," added Hart.

"In addition to our star-studded guests, Garmin principles will be on hand to answer questions about their newest designs as well as giving everyone a few hints about technological surprises that are still on the drawing board. No Legends Lunch would be complete without product giveaways. Everyone in the ballroom is eligible to win a Garmin product prize if they're lucky—reason alone to attend!"

Garmin Points the Way to the 2015 and 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathons

Of course, if you'd like to be fashionably accessorised while attending the Legends Lunch, head for Garmin, give the gift that keeps on giving to yourself and plan to use your device as an ice-breaker when you attend the affair since a branded device is a great way to introduce yourself. “Want to see my Garmin?” has been known to impress the opposite sex, too.

There's a ticket to the Legends Lunch with your name written all over it, and with 27,000 participants expected to participate in the 2015 Gold Coast Airport Marathon, those tickets will disappear fast given the finite size of the Jupiters ballroom, so before you forget about it, head for the GCA/Garmin Legends Lunch website now to reserve yours before they're all gone.

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