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Great Eastern Launches Two New Media Platforms, GETGREAT and UPGREAT

by On Apr 28, 2018

GETGREAT and UPGREAT are the first industry platforms to be able to empower and reward healthier and better living.

Great Eastern Launches Two New Media Platforms, GETGREAT and UPGREAT

Great Eastern launched two media platforms, GETGREAT and UPGREAT, with industry-first features to empower, reward the customers and the community to live healthier and better. Both of the platforms are available to all members of the public, with Great Eastern customers enjoying additional tiered-up benefits and rewards.



Being able to change age-old habits is not easy to achieve without support. Leveraging on insights from the nudge theory, subtle social nudges are needed for changes to be achievable and sustainable. GETGREAT is the first-of-its-kind wellness platform with a wellness coach, GERI, which is powered by artificial intelligence, offers personalised coaching 24/7 to encourage users towards their own personal wellness goals.

Additional nudges include special wellness challenges which users will be able to participate in to earn more points for better benefits and rewards as well as wellness programmes which they will be able to choose the level of difficulty - Lite, Intermediate, and Turbo.

The participants can also invite their family and friends, as well as exercise with a partner and form social groups to motivate each other on their wellness journey. Great Eastern's Live Great Programme latest addition is GETGREAT where it delivers on the brand promise to the customers to help them live healthier, longer and better.


It is challenging to keep track of multiple loyalty benefits and rewards in today's fast paced world. With UPGREAT, it provides a single mobile platform where the customers will be able to enjoy all their loyalty benefits and rewards digitally anywhere, any time.

Yet another first by an insurer in the region, UPGREAT allows the user to be able to transfer rewards and benefits easily to family and friends. Ryan Cheong, Managing Director, Strategy and Transformation, Great Eastern said,

Our aim is to make insurance an enjoyable, everyday experience. Great Eastern is the industry pioneer in championing health and wellness through our innovative Live Great Programme and the programme has achieved tremendous success.

With the launch of GETGREAT and UPGREAT, we are adding new dimensions in building relationships with our customers beyond just insurance to exciting everyday interactions and experiences. Designed with the user first in mind, the platforms can be downloaded easily from Apple App Stores and Google Play for free and available to everyone.

GETGREAT is designed to help users to achieve their health and wellness outcomes. We recognise that maintaining good health is important to many Singaporeans. As a market leader and Singaporeans’ preferred insurer, our purpose is to help the community at large with their financial, protection and wellness needs. This is just the start. We are delighted to have key partners like Samsung, Qoo10, and Trip.com, who share our aspirations. In the coming months, we will be enhancing and enriching the features for both GETGREAT and UPGREAT.

Great Eastern Launches Two New Media Platforms, GETGREAT and UPGREAT

Photo Credit: GETGREAT and UPGREAT, two exciting digital platforms by Great Eastern to empower and reward the community to live healthier and better

GETGREAT monthly challenge

  • Stay healthy and win points.
  • Get rewarded every month.
  • Redeem $10 voucher with 1000 points or $5 rewards with 500 points.

Points table

Points Earning Activity Points Earn
8k steps daily 20
> 50,000 steps in a week 50
Weekly weigh it up 10
Special Event Up to 200

Rewards Table

Vouchers Points for redemption
$5 voucher 500
$10 voucher 1000

    UPGREAT benefits

    1. Rewards, deals and merchants

    • All kinds of privileges and benefits that are exclusive to UPGREAT members. Over 135 participating outlets include Samsung, Krispy Kreme, Nanyang Optical, Made Real, Yole, Al Futtaim Retail Group, Cat & the Fiddle, Woobbee, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden.
    • Plus, online key partners such as Qoo10 and Trip.com will be providing great offers to UPGREAT members.

    2. Loyalty feature

    • Provided a platform for customers that are participating in various loyalty programmes into a single platform
    • These programmes include loyalty stamps that drives recency and frequency to their key partners.
    • Examples are Woobbee and Krispy Kreme.

    3. Daily bonus

    • There are attractive prizes to be won with their daily bonus "Shake and Win" where the customers can win vouchers from their key partners.

    4. Welcome gift on sign-up

    • $1 donut from Krispy Kreme (RRP : $2.95)
    • $1 Upsized coffee from Five Square (exclusive privilege for UPGREAT only)
    • Specially for Great Eastern Staff and Agents only: Health Screen Package worth $88 from Healthway Medical.

    Have you gotten your GETGREAT and UPGREAT?

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