H&M Introduces “Go Athletic, Stay Fashion” And Olympian Inspired “Go Gold” Sportswear Collections

by On Mar 10, 2014
H&M Introduces "Go Athletic, Stay Fashion" And Olympian Inspired "Go Gold" Sportswear Collections

H&M recently launched their sportswear brand, "Go Athletic, Stay Fashion". Lightweight, ergonomic and reflective, the garments are both flattering and comfortable to wear.

H&M Introduces "Go Athletic, Stay Fashion" And Olympian Inspired "Go Gold" Sportswear Collections

With sports bras, reversible shorts and running tops in attractive colours and designs, no matter how much you're going to sweat – you will sweat in style.

Go Gold: Olympian-Tested Functionality

To celebrate the collection designed by H&M in collaboration with the Swedish Winter Olympic team for Sochi 2014, H&M Sport has created a special capsule collection inspired by the Swedish Olympic outfits. The collection is made up of functional sports garments and casual items, with selected pieces from the collection having also been tested by the Swedish Olympic team.

H&M Introduces "Go Athletic, Stay Fashion" And Olympian Inspired "Go Gold" Sportswear Collections

Highly Functional Designs

Functionality is a priority, and is evident in highly packable, lightweight down jackets, breathable running jackets, and fast-drying base layers. The collection also includes a women's reversible down jacket with a rounded silhouette and a sporty down-filled update of the classic pilot jacket for men. There are also accessories such as sneakers, backpacks and sunglasses.

Says Swedish swimmer and Olympic medalist Therese Alshammar,

"The athletes of the Swedish Olympic Team are really excited about the H&M outfits for Sochi 2014 – both for their functionality and their style. It’s great to share the Olympic look with fans through the Go Gold collection at H&M Sport, and it was fun to contribute with our input during the design process."

Where To Buy?

Both the Go Gold and Conscious essentials collections from H&M are available online and in-store, including their flagship store at Orchard Building.

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