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If the Shoe Fits, Wear it at the Newton Challenge Singapore 2015!

by On Aug 10, 2015
If the Shoe Fits, Wear it at the Newton Challenge Singapore 2015!

When the host of the U.S. TV show "Family Feud" asked contestants to name famous people named Newton, their answers included entertainers Wayne Newton and Olivia Newton-John, iconic physicist Sir Isaac Newton and even the Nabisco brand cookie Fig Newton. Not a soul named American Jerry Lee, the guy who co-opted the name Newton to brand his athletic shoe company!

Why does it matter? Because in Singapore, beside the famous Newton Circle Food Centre, Newton is synonymous with the word "Challenge" and describes an annual race that gets participants as enthused about reaching the finish line in good standing as those "Family Feud" contestants were about winning cash prizes.

Of course, the Newton Challenge Singapore is not without prizes, and if you compete, it's okay to strive for them, though having fun, meeting new people and staying fit are the biggest prizes of all. Will you run? We hope so. Increase your Newton Challenge knowledge so you're both physically and mentally prepared for the best race ever by perusing questions you would ask if you had the opportunity.

Why Run the Newton Challenge?

Because you are blissfully addicted to the sport that has changed your life for the better and because you never miss an opportunity to join forces with fellow athletes for healthy competitions that benefit everyone eager to join the fun. Because your calendar is already clear on Sunday, 18 October 2015, which gives you plenty of time to train in preparation for this high-profile Singapore event. Besides, the Newton Challenge has become a tradition, growing more popular every year since it first kicked off in 2010.

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it at the Newton Challenge Singapore 2015!

What Can You Expect?

In short, the answer to the question is "victory" if you wear Newton running shoes to get you through either the 18 km or 32 km event with a smile on your face all the way to the finish line. Expect to push yourself for personal bests and achievements as you compete with about 5,500 equally enthusiastic men and women. If they're wearing Newton running shoes, you've already got an advantage over them.

Why Newtons?

Because you deserve them, silly. If you already own a pair and had a hunch they were superior to the shoes you wore in the past – but never researched why – you've now got bragging rights after learning that Newton manufactures the only running shoe engineered to provide runners with a natural running gait. All Newtons are constructed on a level platform that mirrors your foot's physiological shape. We like to call it shoe geometry because the Newton fit is that mathematically precise.

Can you run in other brand shoes? Easy answer: why would you want to suffer through moderate to high heel lift found in other shoes that can literally ruin your time and performance at the Newton Challenge? If you long to experience the joy of 60-percent more cushioning and 40-percent more energy, Newtons are your best choice. Yes, you can wear other brands at your own risk, but don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by brand-loyal, Newton-shod runners.

How About Some Fun?

Newton Challenge organiser – Pink Apple are no slacker when it comes to prioritising race essentials, which is why one of the first topics undertaken during their planning process was figuring out perks for runners who expect a little tender loving care if they're to exert themselves to the max. From huge supplies of chilled isotonic drinks at water stations to ice-cold towels at the finish line, you’ll be treated like the racing royalty you are. The post-race breakfast spread is reason enough to enter if you’re always starved after you run.

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it at the Newton Challenge Singapore 2015!

What's In It For You?

First, if you treated yourself to a new pair of Newton shoes, you're already a winning shopper, but you are probably interested in the perks of participation. For a single entry fee handled completely online, receive a Newton brand running singlet and if you complete the 32 km, a finisher t-shirt awaits you, too. You'll automatically be entered into the Newton's iPad Air2 "lottery" so your name could be called during the race advising you to come pick up your device. Take advantage of race discounts to purchase necessities like Acti-Tape, Jabra sports devices and other athletic gear sold onsite by Newton Challenge sponsors.

Have We Convinced You?

We can see you nodding your head affirmatively, so get your Newton on by heading for the registration website right now. By making your commitment early, you'll follow in the footsteps of Jerry Lee, the dude behind the Newton brand. And if you have questions about October 18th, don’t keep them to yourself. Use the link above to contact Newton Challenge organiser Pink Apple Pte. Ltd. They have all the answers.

RunSociety has been a loyal supporter of the Newton Challenge since 2013, and we are honoured to be the official online media in 2015.

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