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Jabra Sport Coach: The First Wireless Headset Made Exclusively For Cross Training and Trendsetters

by On Jul 27, 2015
Jabra Sport Coach: The First Wireless Headset Made Exclusively For Cross Training and Trendsetters

As fitness trends go, cross-training has grown legs in terms of longevity and popularity. We touted the benefits of cross-training sometime ago yet the trend hasn't diminished thanks to benefits like injury prevention, rehabilitation, running endurance, active recovery, enhanced motivation, rejuvenation and more. Whether you skate, ski, swim, bicycle or do strength training, you already know the importance of having the right gear, and the right headset can often set the tone for your efforts.

Do you deserve more than a run-of-the-mill headset if you cross train? You bet. You deserve a Jabra Sport Coach, the world's first wireless headset engineered with cross-training aficionados in mind. Get one. Give one. Spread the word and when you do, you'll join the ranks of trendsetters, too.

It's All About the Tunes

Whether you cross-train alone or in company, there comes a time when you feel like doing anything but chatting about the cute dude you've spotted on the rowing machine. You need music. Lots of it. But if you've previously had experiences with useless headsets—the ear buds falls out repeatedly, the unit runs out of juice or the sound quality is awful, a Jabra Sport Coach will elevate your cross-training experience to new heights. Thanks to a pioneering combination of in-ear technology and a designated app, this headset can elevate your audio experience from just okay to spectacular.

Jabra Sport Coach: The First Wireless Headset Made Exclusively For Cross Training and Trendsetters

But, I Already Have a Headset!

Give it to your friend, your sister or donate it to charity. Once you experience the sound quality via a Jabra Sport Coach you're not going to want to settle for lousy music transmission ever again. Expect to enjoy these features simply by trading in your existing unit: in-ear audio coaching that's been personalised just for you and based on the Sport Life app that has synthesised more than 40 exercises that target your cross training needs. Use your Jabra to track and analyse your performances in ways you've only dreamed about. When have you heard about or tried a headset that delivers this much?

What Drives This Headset?

The electronics that orchestrate all of the cross training information you require to make sure you're fulfilling your specific fitness goals are at the ready 24/7 to keep you honest and report on your progress: get real-time pace, cadence, distance, steps and calories burned updates so you can tell if you're underperforming, stressing your body too much or maintaining the intensity prescribed for you. But did you know that more than 80-percent of all exercisers make their decisions based on music capacity used to motivate, inspire and energise them regardless of bodily tracking functions? Of course you did – which is why you want it all.

Jabra Sport Coach: The First Wireless Headset Made Exclusively For Cross Training and Trendsetters

Lots of Benefits

International brand names like Dolby sound systems are popular because award-winning sound technicians responsible for movies, music and other broadcast systems can't afford to compromise on quality. Neither can engineers responsible for the ground-breaking technology that went into the Jabra Sport Coach. You get Dolby Sound Enhancement through this headset and can expect over five hours of play time that sounds crystal clear through your sweat-resistant, shock-proof, weather-proof wireless earbuds. Whether your cross-training rituals are repetition-based or you prefer to be reminded when it's time to move on to the next exercise, this headset doesn't disappoint. If the system could brew tea after your run, we're pretty sure it would!

All of the Technology, too

If you think that the Jabra headset is all about the bass (no treble!), you'd be sadly mistaken. This communications device makes and takes phone calls so you're never out of the loop, even when you're running a loop. Jabra turned to the military when it came to selecting raw materials used to craft this headset's components: the degree to which this product repulses sweat, shock and dust is impressive, making the Sport Coach one seriously rugged piece of equipment that's so light, you could forget you're wearing buds during the most intense cross-training session. Fit? Choose from multiple EarGel and EarWing sizes for an exact fit.

Jabra Sport Coach: The First Wireless Headset Made Exclusively For Cross Training and Trendsetters

What a Pedigree

As if the Dolby sound brand name isn't enough, Jabra belongs to a family of internationally respected firms that are listed on the NASCAQ OMX. For over 20 years, Jabra has developed so many innovative ideas, its reputation for reliability, innovation and ease of use is unprecedented. With both consumer and business divisions, Jabra never met a market it couldn't conquer so when engineers and designers set a goal of producing the very first wireless headset just for cross-trainers by 2015, that was no idle promise. With more than 1,000 employees headquartered around the globe, this firm has a reputation to uphold when it comes to trendsetting!

You want one, don't you? No need to explain why, but it's likely you're known for sleuthing out the latest and greatest technology and introducing the best of the best to your running and cross-training crowd. That stated, it's always a good idea to direct the minions to your resource so they can share the experience. If online shopping gets your pulse elevated nearly as high as your training routine, visit Gowireless, place your order and then share it with people who will appreciate this product as much as you do.

Need to inspect before you buy because you're not certain whether the blue, red or yellow model appeals to your sensibilities? No worries. Turn to retailers like Challenger, Outdoor Sports Travel, Apple stores, Stereo Electronics. Call first to make sure they stock this product. The suggested retail price is S$248. Can't get enough info on this dynamic new innovation? Head to the official Jabra site to find out more!

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