Life has a way of throwing curve balls and that’s when you need a helping hand.

The POSB PAssion Kids Fund, administered through the People’s Association Community Development Fund, has been supporting community initiatives for children up to 16 years of age through funds raised via the annual POSB PAssion Run For Kids.

Over S$4 million has been apportioned from the Fund to support 58 programmes, benefiting over 230,000 children in Singapore so far. With the tagline of “Run for a good cause. Run for Kids!”, you know that you are not just running but running for a worthy cause.

Sign your kids up for the run and let them know that everyone can do something, no matter how big or small the contributions are, to help others who can’t necessarily help themselves.

People’s Association and POSB raise S$1 million through the POSB PAssion Run For Kids 2015 for programmes that support aspirations of children

All about the race

POSB PAssion Run For Kids 2016 is going to be better than ever! Into its eighth edition, this year’s POSB PAssion Run For Kids 2016 will be held on 4 September at Marina Promontory.
For a start, all registered participants can look forward to receiving an exclusive Run for Kids race pack that includes an RFK tee, multi-purpose bag, towel, race bib and many other goodies.

RFK 2016 Tee and Waterproof Multi-purpose Bag

Other than the 10km adult competitive race and the 1.2km and 800m kids’ competitive categories, there is also the non-competitive 3.5km Family Walk for those eager to support this worthy cause but don’t necessarily want to run.

All about the fun

So what else can you expect at the POSB PAssion Run For Kids 2016?

We heard that the Family Carnival is going to be just as great! You can expect the carnival atmosphere to match any large-scale celebrations. The event will host the first ever “Kids Yoga by the Bay” experience (parents are welcome to participate, too!), contests, performances and other exciting activities. While you are there, remember to have your photo taken with Smiley, our friendly neighbourhood mascot.

This annual event is so popular that the organisers anticipate a turnout of over 10,000 (comprising 8,500 runners and 1,500 fun seekers)! So, bring your kids down to the event and let them cherish the wonderful memories! Register today by visiting here.

What we think the kids will say!

Being born in the same week of the first POSB PAssion Run For Kids, I feel a certain affinity to it. I love seeing my school friends outside the classroom here every year; we get so excited, it’s all we can talk about for weeks beforehand!

My parents always try to teach me to be kind to others, so when I go to an event like this one, I know it’s about more than just getting some exercise and having a good time. My mum explains how important giving back to the community is because not every child in Singapore is as lucky as me and my sisters. Besides, I have so much fun every year that I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of it.

I’m going to be running with my parents this year! I wanted to last year, but they said that I wasn’t ready. This year, I went with them on training runs so I could be at my best physically. I’m still trying to decide where I will hang the tee I get in my race pack. I told my dad that I wanted to hang my tee on the wall like art work. My mum says I’m welcome to do whatever I want with it once it’s washed!

I’m excited to have my picture taken with Smiley the mascot. My older brother Ian thinks I’m silly but I plan to frame it and take it to school to show my friends. My granny says that just by coming to the race, I’m helping boys and girls who need help. When I told my mum that, she gave me a big hug and says that she’s proud of me!

Minister Lawrence Wong interacting with budding entrepreneurs at the Kids’ Bazaar funded by the PAssion POSB Kids Fund

Change lives with your contribution

Kids are our future and any effort made to enrich their lives deserves all the support a community can muster. Let’s give every Singaporean child an opportunity to enjoy a bright future. If this is your first POSB PAssion Run For Kids, you’re in for a grand time and you’ll be contributing to a worthy cause. Our goal is to raise S$1M this year and your generosity will benefit many children in the community.

Join us and make a difference today.

In your opinion, is it a good idea for parents to use events like the POSB PAssion Run for Kids to teach children about social responsibility and community giving? Your thoughts on this subject will be much appreciated.

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