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Join Your Free Running Workshop and Clinics Plus a Meaningful Virtual Run

by On Feb 12, 2018

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2017 Mira Rai heads Guest Speaker list for Runners Convention 2018.

Join Your Free Running Workshop and Clinics Plus a Meaningful Virtual Run

Runners Convention is back for its fourth edition on the weekend of 17-18 March 2018 with the theme “Run Your Destiny”. Over the years, the convention format has changed to keep abreast of running developments, including adding a virtual run challenge for this year.

However, Runners Convention’s signature appeal is that it has always been able to attract well-known runners to grace the event – Lizzy Hawker and Ricky Lightfoot in its inaugural edition, followed by Stone Tseng and Scott Hawker in the second edition, and Ms. Wyan Chow last year. If you are an avid trail runner, these heroes who frequently step on the podiums of trail events in Hong Kong and the region may be familiar faces to you.

Perhaps, the guest speaker for this fourth edition is the most acclaimed to date yet. Ms. Mira Rai, who hails from Nepal, shot to fame en route to winning trail running races in her native country, Hong Kong, Italy and France.

From humble beginnings of having to walk hours in search of clean potable water, to leaving school at the tender age of 12 because her family could not afford her education, her talents were discovered by a trail running race organiser who provided her with the opportunity to lift herself out of poverty. In 2017, she was named National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year, serving as an inspiration for young village girls to achieve their dreams.

The Nepal Education Project

In Nepal, about 24% of its 28 million population live below the poverty line, earning under US$ 1 a day. A high poverty level then brings the burden of high illiteracy and low education levels. Only 29% of girls and 53% of boys could complete secondary school education.

Join Your Free Running Workshop and Clinics Plus a Meaningful Virtual Run

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Runners Convention organiser Train Live Compete introduces a Virtual Run challenge for 2018, with World Vision Singapore as its adopted charity to support the Nepal Education Project.

You may register for this Virtual Run Challenge at Spacebib.

Ms Liew Wei Yong, the founder of Train Live Compete, shared the reasons for organising this event,

“I believe all children should receive proper education and that is the only way to beat poverty. Being in Singapore, we are very fortunate to receive proper education. I hope with this event I can reach out to more people to join me in enabling the less fortunate to chase their rainbow!"

Additionally, if you intend to use this Virtual Run platform to further crowdfund for World Vision, please visit World Vision website for more information.

Free Entry into Runners Convention

Once you have signed up for the Virtual Run Challenge, you are automatically eligible to attend the workshops and clinics at Runners Convention 2018 on 17-18 March for free.

Join Your Free Running Workshop and Clinics Plus a Meaningful Virtual Run

T-Shirt (For Trail Challenge)

Join Your Free Running Workshop and Clinics Plus a Meaningful Virtual Run

T-Shirt (For Road Challenge)

On Saturday 17 March morning, the day kicks off with a training and injury prevention workshop by certified physiotherapists and strengths coaches. Then, at 4 p.m. on One Marina Boulevard, Mira Rai will lead a road running clinic. On Sunday 18 March, Mira will continue to lead a trail running clinic at Macritchie Reservoir.

If you want to advance your running knowledge, gain some tips from Mira Rai and maybe a selfie or two with her, while contributing to The Nepal Education Project with the Virtual Run challenge, then you would just need to be at this year’s Runners Convention 2018.

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