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Kemensah Krazy: Hiking & Trail Running Event in KL for Rookies to Hot Shots

by On Feb 9, 2015
Kemensah Krazy: Hiking & Trail Running Event in KL for Rookies to Hot Shots

Ever wanted to try hiking and trail running? Or are you already an ardent fan? Then you should know that leaders in trail tourism, Asian Trail Explorers, will kick off their first trail running event in 2015. Slated for Sunday, 12 April 2015, Kemensah Krazy will guide you through the lush tropical rainforests of Kampung Kemensah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Asian Trail Explorers' main objective is to introduce hiking and trail running to people who are either bored or getting bored of the countless road runs. We inject fun and excitement and a whole load of challenge for people who are already fit and running marathons. We create tough race environments for those who are willing to push their limits," said Alex Laevaert, one of the race directors, or known as Alex KL Hiking in the hiking community.

With decades of hiking and jungle experience in their bag packs, the organising Malaysian-European company has tailored the event to embolden novices, boost the fairly fit and challenge the seasoned pros. The trail run will host four categories: Kiddos Krazy 5km, Kinda Krazy 15km, Kracking Krazy 30km and Killer Krazy 45km.

Kemensah Krazy: Hiking & Trail Running Event in KL for Rookies to Hot Shots

Photo Credit: Alex KL Hiking

Kemensah Kiddos Krazy 5km

This event is ideal for novices and those who want an opportunity to experience what hiking and trail running is all about—even young children can participate. You can start at any time between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., as long as you finish within 3 hours and by 5:00 p.m. at the latest. There will be no winner of this race, except yourself!

Unlike other races held on hard road surfaces, the Kemensah Krazy is a run on jungle trails, characterised by a variety of surfaces. With less than 300m of tarred road surface, the route covers red clay sections and dense jungle trails alternating with distinguishable trails.

Kemensah Kinda Krazy 15km

Like the above event, this is held in the untouched area around Empangan Klang Gates and Kampung Kemensa. This is best for those who want to have a feel of what the jungle is all about without having to go to extremes. Starting at 9:00 a.m., you'll have 5h to finish the course. Top-ranking participants in this and the next two categories stand to win prize monies.

Kemensah Kracking Krazy 30km

Participants will be challenged to leave their comfort zones as they face the dense jungles of the Forest Gombak Reserve between Gombak and Kampung Kemensah. Setting off at 8:00 a.m., 30km runners have 9h to complete their trail adventure, which includes running near Klang Gates Water Reservoir, multiple stream crossings and more!

Kemensah Killer Krazy 45km

The second event in Asian Trails Explorers' Die Hard Series, this arduous category is recommended for those who are addicted to hiking and trail running or fit sportspeople who want to dive straight in for the real deal. Charging off at 7:00 a.m., these daring athletes will have 11h to complete the course. At the "halfway" point in Gombak, the organisers will transfer one dropbag per participant. Participants will have to pre-pack what might be needed at the returning point, be it food or energy nutrition, special drink, shoes, spare clothes, headlamp, etc.

Kemensah Krazy: Hiking & Trail Running Event in KL for Rookies to Hot Shots

Photo Credit: Steve Chia

Registration Closes on 31 March 2015

Participation fees are S$25, S$55, S$65 and S$80 respectively. Save on the Kiddos Krazy 5km and opt for a family package for Dad, Mum and 2 children at S$95.

Water, isotonic drinks and fruit will be supplied along the track, and all famished runners can look forward to the cooked meal at the end of their hike/run. Goodie bags, race packs, finisher T-shirts and more are included in the participation fees too.

Find out more about the race and the different prices for Malaysian and international participants at the official race page.

For every registration, Asian Trail Explorers will donate RM5 to RM15 (depending on category) to the Olive Project, a social initiative that helps financially disadvantaged children.

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