Having first fired its starting pistol in 1946 in Osaka, the Lake Biwa Marathon is considered to be the oldest marathon held in Japan. In 1962, this prestigious marathon has since been renamed the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon and moved to Otsu city, home to Japan’s oldest and largest lake, Lake Biwa.

Traditionally held on the first Sunday of March every year, the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon will continue to be host its 70th edition this year on 1 March 2015. Qualified athletes will get up and running at 12:30 p.m. starting from and ending at the Ojiyama Stadium in Otsu, Japan.

Trailing the south western side of Lake Biwa, runners will pass by the culturally rich Temple of Gichu and Temple of Ishiyama. They’ll take in pleasant lakeside views and loop back at a turning-point at the Sin-Seta Water Purification Plant.

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The AIMS and JAAF-certified full marathon course is comparatively flat and considered to be “a fast-speed-course”. Many of the world’s leading athletes have taken part in this 42.195km race and established great records.

The first eight finishers will be awarded and every participant will receive a race memento.

Browse through the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon official website to find out more.

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