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Light Up Surf Coast Walk with the Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run

by On Oct 23, 2015
Light Up Surf Coast Walk with the Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run

Following their successful launch last year, the one-of-a-kind Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run is back this November to light up Surf Coast Walk in Victoria. Known as Australia’s only half marathon night-time trail run, the fun event surged in popularity with its glow-in-the-dark thematics and bright, bold retro 80's fashion.

There’s something special about running when the sun is just setting and you experience the full spectrum of daylight ebbing into night – the deep blues and purples and the way the environment changes its hues – it’s a special experience, especially on the Surf Coast with the ocean at your shoulder the whole way.

And especially when you’re running with hundreds of others dressed in garish fluorescent yellow get ups and you’re running to the beat of a troupe of African Drummers, or you crest a hill to the chest-puffing melody of a Phil Collins number being played by a live saxophonist!
—Chris Ord, Race Director

Light Up Surf Coast Walk with the Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run

Expecting 400 to 500 runners to come enjoy a journey into 'beautiful blackness', the twilight-night trail run will be held on Saturday, 28 November 2015. To entice more participants new to trail running, to the Surf Coast, or night running, a new 12 km category will be added alongside the half marathon (21 km) distance.

Flagging off from Point Addis (21 km) and Southside (12 km), runners clad in fun costumes will run along the Surf Coast Walk and back into Torquay. They will finish at Bomboras Kiosk, Fisherman’s Beach amidst a 'glow-themed' festival.

Light Up Surf Coast Walk with the Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run

Adding to the carnival-like atmosphere are Retro Surf Coast DJs Soul Mammas and a Geelong saxophonist who will be playing along the course as well as at the finishing area.

Afterglow is about having fun, dressing up, enjoying a special running experience in a context that creates a vibe unlike any other trail running event. Even when the serious runners turn up – like Olympian Craig Mottram did last year – they get into the playful spirit. Even Craig wore a frog headlamp on his head, not something he would have done at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games!
—Chris Ord, Race Director

For more information, visit the Afterglow Twilight-Night Trail Run website.

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