Fans of the iconic Hello Kitty character know this beloved image has a huge international following. The red-bowed cartoon feline is such a universal favourite, it’s no wonder fun run organisers are launching a new kids’ race in her name that’s scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 6 March 2016.

This nation’s premier Hello Kitty fun run follows in the footsteps of Singapore’s successful Hello Kitty fun run, but that’s where the similarities end.

Malaysia’s version, “Hello Kitty Fruity Rush,” is designed to generate lots of excitement as kids sprint along Kuala Lumpur’s lime-green course where fruit-themed checkpoints await. We think the 2016 Hello Kitty Fruity Rush is destined to be peachy — even for kids who may feel a bit melon-choly!

Here, kitty, kitty!

Cartoon characters come and go, but can you name one that rivals Hello Kitty? Known throughout the world, this feline character was given the name Kitty White by her creator, Yuko Shimizu, who modeled her shape after a real cat: the Japanese Bobtail. But that’s where reality ends and fantasy begins: Hello Kitty’s vital statistics are quite imaginative: she’s five apples high and weighs three apples!

While Hello Kitty doesn’t look a day over the age of four, she’s been meowing around since 1974 when her image first appeared on a little vinyl coin purse. It took no time at all for the sweet cartoon to become a Japanese pop culture staple.

These days, Hello Kitty continues to earn her canned tuna: by 2014, revenues from Hello Kitty products and images hit $7 billion dollars — due, in part, to the fact that she’s as beloved by adults as she is by kids.

Even singer and actress Sherraine Law can’t resist being a huge Hello Kitty Fan. Photo courtesy of Sherraine Law.

Hello Kitty: Real or not so much?

The original Hello Kitty cartoon is an excellent example of anthropomorphism (known in Japan as a gijinka), in which an inanimate subject is infused with so much personality, human fans come to look upon it as a real person.

That’s why even adults have no problem believing that Hello Kitty can bake cookies, give wise advice and study English. Social scientists compare Hello Kitty to other iconic cartoons like Mickey Mouse.

Like Mickey, Hello Kitty is the inspiration behind theme parks, the most popular of which is located in Malaysia. This awesome theme park is located at Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Johor and for those who have had the chance to visit this world of fantasy, even Disneyland doesn’t hold a candle to it!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town In Puteri Harbour, Malaysia. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia is the first Hello Kitty Theme Park outside Japan.

Find out what you can expect by viewing this YouTube video, and then calendar a visit — for right after your kids run the Hello Kitty Fruity Race, of course!

About Hello Kitty Malaysia Fun Run

Any child born on or before 7 March 2012 can get in on the fun, just as long as mum or dad take care of the official registration process in a timely manner. Since this category is free, registrations are expected to fill fast since only a finite number of children can be accommodated in order to let each participant shine.

How to get your youngster excited about this event? Just show her the logo of Hello Kitty cavorting with adorable blueberry, pear, strawberry and lemon characters. These personality-filled fruits will be everywhere during the event and activities surrounding this lively 5km fun run.

Registration is easy

Enter your child into Malaysia’s Hello Kitty Fruity Rush by going online to fill out the entry form(s). You can retrieve your confirmation on the same website, so bookmark it. While you’re on the site, check out all of the adorable merchandise that’s imprinted with that happy race logo!

How to get your race pack

Claim your race pack during official collection times at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor); specifically, the LG1 Pyramid Concourse facing the mall’s main entrance.

Pick up dates are on the 3rd or 4th of March between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., and on 5th March between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. You’ll be asked for photo ID plus the confirmation slip you received after registering online.

Can you send someone else for your entry pack? You can — as long as he or she brings the runner’s ID and confirmation slip.

Why run with the cat and the fruit?

It’s always a treat to run a brand new event, and the inaugural Hello Kitty Fruity Rush 5km fun run in Malaysia is going to give your child the opportunity to participate in an athletic endeavour that’s fun and challenging.

Finisher medals and 4-inch plush commemorative ball chains will be awarded at the finish line, but what your kids take away from participating in this event has nothing to do with prizes.

This social meet-up is a healthy way to get your children out and about in the name of the beloved cartoon character that may hang on the wall of her room.

The message behind the character

Instilling all of the positive aspects of the Hello Kitty caricature will pay dividends if you encourage your child to believe in the values of friendship, love and learning, that’s at the heart of this endearing cartoon character.

Do that by registering your child for the fun run, visiting the theme park and treating your youngster to Hello Kitty videos. Sanrio, Hello Kitty’s licensor, recently announced a new theatrical feature that’s going into production.

It’s due to open in 2019. By that time, the Malaysian version of the Hello Kitty Fruity Rush 5k fun run should be well-established!

Did you grow up being influenced by the positive messages the Hello Kitty character has put out to the universe for over 40 years?

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