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Men’s Health Virtual Run: The Easiest Race You’ll Ever Take Part In

by On Nov 14, 2016

Here’s why you should join Singapore’s first online running challenge!

Men’s Health Virtual Run: The Easiest Race You’ll Ever Take Part In

Want to win amazing prizes from running without even being a professional athlete? Then you might wish to consider signing up for Singapore’s first ever online running challenge – the Men’s Health Virtual Run.

This event is a brand new concept that allows anyone to jog, run or walk anytime, anywhere, and to clock in distances using their own devices via the RunKeeper app. The main objective is for all participants to band together and strive towards hitting the 100,000km mark, and for each individual to aim for the 100km Ultra Challenge goal within two months.

The event – which kicked off on 1 November – ends on 31 December 2016, so join now if you haven’t already! Sign-up rewards worth $128 are also given to each participant even though there is no registration fee.

Furthermore, participants will stand to win $15,000 of prizes as they accrue mileage during the Men’s Health Virtual Run. For example, there are four key milestones that one can reach – 5km, 21km, 42km and 100km. Each level allows the runner to redeem variant prizes – from ASICS vouchers and spa treatments, to golf sessions and many more.

Men’s Health Virtual Run: The Easiest Race You’ll Ever Take Part In

“The Men's Health Virtual Run will be an exciting time for everyone to work together with one common goal of getting in better shape and fitness through running, so let's get synced up and go!"

says Singaporean actor and host Allan Wu.

“What I like about the Virtual Run is that it’s a great initiative to get everyone out on the roads or trails. It’s much better to move than not at all! I challenge everyone to give it a go – who knows what you can achieve? It starts with that first step out of your comfort zone, and then just keep moving forward!”

says ultramarathoner and director, Jeri Chua.

So whether you’re a novice pounder who only started running last week, or a seasoned racer who eats marathons for breakfast, the Men’s Health Virtual Run will be the perfect platform to help you pursue various fitness goals and keep in shape.

For more info and to sign up, go to here.

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