Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

by On Jun 24, 2013
Shape Run Carnival 2013

Organised by Singapore Press Holdings, Shape Run 2013 is a women-only race, with 3 categories: Competitive 5km, Competitive 10km and 2.4km Stroller Fun Run. With registration closed at 10,000 runners, many females can’t wait to flaunt their abilities on 7 July 2013.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

In conjunction with the race, there was a training run with the pacers held at East Coast Park. As many as 100 participants were present for the training together with 27 pacers for the race. The training run yielded positive responses, there was not one unsatisfied runner after the training. Many participants even bonded with the pacers through casual chats after the training over a can of H-Two-O isotonic drink and a cup of Herbalife fruit shake.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

The hype is not over yet. RunSociety caught up with the fun happenings at the Race Entry Pack Collection last Saturday. A carnival was held concurrently with the collection at Singapore Marina Square. Many expectant participants turned up with much awaited deals awaiting them at the booths set up by the kind sponsors. We even had a interview with multi-talented Ming Bridges.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

Shape offered fantastic subscription deals for the magazine catered for women who are interested in health, fitness and beauty. In addition to the 25% off cover price at $108 for a 2 year subscription plan, you are entitled to 2 free gifts.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

Reebok, one of the two Shape Run 2013 co-presenters, had a booth that featured a wide range of female running apparels, from brightly-coloured running singlets to the soft and comfortable sport bras. The focus of the booth, besides the bright apparels, is on their newly launched series of shoes, the One Series running shoes.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

"For One Series, we feature two types of shoes today: the One Series Cushion and the One Series Guide," Lynn from Reebok kindly introduced. "One Series features 3 distinct zones, marked with the colour of the sole, that complement runners' needs at each phase of their strike. Zone 1 is the cushion at the heels area, and it is the Contact Zone. It has a soft foam that absorbs the shock when runners land on their heels. Zone 2, at midfoot area, is known as the Midstance Zone. It provides a smooth mid foot transition. Zone 3, at the forefoot area, is the Propulsive Zone. It features an ultra-responsive high rebound foam compound to help propel the runner forward during the toe-off."

Reebok is the sponsor for the Shape tank for the Shape Run 2013.

The other Shape Run 2013 co-presenter is Herbalife. Enthusiastic staffs with contagious smiles were buzzing around, providing Herbalife fruit shakes to anyone near the booth.

Besides generously providing their shakes, the eager staffs attracted many participants to their lucky draw - digging the arm into a box of foam to fish out a ping pong ball that could potentially win you Herbalife water bottles, or voucher for free Nutritional Talk or Group Exercise Session.

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

When asked about Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Lin, the General Manager of Herbalife introduced it with great passion,

"Herbalife products are always based on the latest nutrition science, and they are suitable for everyone. One serving of the Formula 1 shake is two scoops of the powder, which comes in three different flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate and Tropical Fruit. One serving of the Formula 1 contains 9g of carbohydrates and 9g of protein. It is very low in calories and thus a perfect choice for fuelling for a workout and post-workout, because it is very light but also speed up recovery and repair muscle tissues at the same time.

Herbalife also caters to women as well especially to women participating the Shape Run. As women need more calcium and iron and Vitamin D than men, Formula 1 contains calcium and Vitamin D to support healthy bones and muscle contraction, and it also contains iron which is important for healthy blood cells.

The Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is also very easy to prepare. We would recommend blending the shake with fruits of your choice for a smoothie, or simply just mix it with cold water if you want to. You can even prepare it in your car!"

Ming: Set small goals instead of terrifying yourself with the bigger picture.

Shape also invited celebrity singer, the cover girl for July's issue of the Shape magazine, Ming Bridges, to participate in the Shape Run 2013. RunSociety was honoured to be given the opportunity to interview Ming.

1. Which race category are you participating in? Any specific goal time you want to achieve?
I am participating in the 5km category run! I was never much of a runner. In my earlier days I was barely able to run 400 meters without stopping once or twice to walk. With the humidity of Singapore, to even be able to complete the run will be a huge achievement for me. It will be fun running alongside my mum!

2. With such a super packed work schedule, our readers will be curious how is your training for the race like? Are you following any training programs?
With my busy schedule it is important to try and fit in fitness whenever possible. Although a training program at this busy time is completely out of the question, I’m glad I have enough willpower to wake up extra early to get on the treadmill or do power walks with mum. It is all about staying fit and active. Although having to wake up early is hard, I find it a great way to start the day determined. You can never feel bad after a workout.

3. Do you follow a strict nutrition or diet plan? Are you eating any specific foods to fuel your workouts and race? Do you avoid any food?
My eating mantra is to eat clean, and healthy whole foods 80% of the time and then I’m able to indulge for the other 20% (I have a big sweet tooth!). You kind of end up falling in love with being healthy – I feel so much more energetic and alive. It’s a great feeling having energy that makes you feel like you could take on everything! I tend to avoid white (refined) carbohydrates, as they don’t ever make me feel full and cause me to over eat and leave me with a huge energy crash later on in the day. A high carbohydrate, low protein, fat and fiber meal is always good to fuel a workout - Starchy veggies and lots of water are a must! I’m a big fan of breakfast shakes too!

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

4. What are 3 things that you look forward to for the race and why?
The chance for my mum and I to complete it together – I think it will be a big fitness accomplishment for both of us - we have never done a proper running event before. To run together with a community of other women all with the same goal is pretty exciting and of course, I can’t wait to be seen showing off my gorgeous orange Shape tank on the day!

5. Any words to the other runners out there?
Have fun! Take it step by step. I always find it really helps to set small goals instead of terrifying myself with the bigger picture. I’ll tell myself “I just need to make it to the top of that hill, just need to get there” and then once I do I set myself a new goal. Drink lots of water and stay active! Can’t wait to see everyone on race day!

Ming Bridges Motivates Runners at Shape Run Carnival 2013

The Shape Run 2013 is happening on 7 July 2013, 6.30am at the Nicoll Highway. There may be a possibility that the race will be postphoned depending on the haze situation. Visit Shape Singapore Facebook page or http://www.shape.com.sg/shaperun2013/ for immediate updates on the race.

Jayme is an avid runner and writer who is also an animal activist. She is very passionate in racing and writing.

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