The Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon (MF42) returns with its fifth edition on 2 October 2016. Part of the Clark Miyamit Trail Race Series, MF42 will provide participants a glimpse of the finale race – Clark Miyamit Falls Ultra (CM50Ultra), a longer and tougher course that will be held on 27 November 2016.

Race Format

MF42 was touted as a trail race suitable for runners of all abilities, offering two distances – 26km and 42km. While qualifications and preparations are required for both distances, the cut-off time (8 hours for 21km road race) imposed for the shorter 26km race is more lenient to attract road runners who would like to venture into trail running.

On the other hand, the 42km race requires a minimum qualification time of 10 hours for 42km road marathon or 21km trail run.

MF42 will only be accepting 100 participants for the 26km race and 200 participants for the 42km race.

Race Course

MF42 is an out and back course, consisting of mostly fire trails, dirt roads and single track trails. With an elevation gain/loss of 1160m for the 26km route and 2114m for the 42km route, runners will be in for much downhill running while returning back.

Apart from the iconic Miyamit Falls which is also the turnaround point for both distances, participants will also be treated to a picturesque view of Mount Arayat, Pampanga, alongside other mountain ranges and beauties of nature.

An Exquisite Race Experience

Races will flag off at the break of dawn, offering participants a breathtaking view of the golden sunrise casting its first rays on the magnificent mountain ranges leading to the peak.

The exquisite race experience and conditions arguably offer participants no better way to visit and appreciate the spectacular Miyamit Falls than through a refreshing trail running experience at MF42.

Hurry sign up for a rare opportunity to visit the Miyamit Falls via trail running! Last slots available before MF42 takes off!

Goh Yun Jie

Yun Jie is a competitive athlete and coach who is actively involved in various sports at community and international levels. Through editorial writing, she hopes to positively influence and educate readers with her expertise and experience in high sports performance.

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