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Mizuno Ekiden 2016 Returns: Race As Four, Run As One

by On Mar 9, 2016
Mizuno Ekiden 2016: Race As Four, Run As One

Teamwork, perseverance and the ability to excel under pressure. These are the values instilled in the Japanese-style, long-distance relay race, Mizuno Ekiden 2016.

After last year's roaring success which saw 3,000 runners, the event will be back for its second edition on Saturday evening, 16 July 2016. 5,000 participants in teams of four are expected at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, which will kick off from 4:00 p.m.

True to its Japanese roots, the Ekiden relay race will have runners donning traditional tasuki sashes. Upon completing their relay leg, runners will pass the sash on to the next team member waiting at the transition area until the fourth runner crosses the finish line.

Mizuno Ekiden 2016: Race As Four, Run As One

Participant exiting the transition area after the passing of the Tatsuki sash

Meanwhile, the rest of the team members can dig in to a variety of Japanese gourmet like ramen and desserts at the Matsuri Race Village. Fitting the Matsuri – which means festival or holiday in Japanese – atmosphere, there will be exciting cultural activities for everyone to enjoy.

We are happy to bring back the Mizuno Ekiden for the second year, following last year's success. We believe that the race provides runners a platform to showcase remarkable values such as teamwork, perseverance and camaraderie. It will also be an opportunity for runners and the community to come together and learn about the Japanese culture and participate in the many fun activities that are in-store for them.
—Mr Kiyoshi Tatani, President of Mizuno Singapore

Sign up in teams of four in the 42.195 km Open Category, 21.1 km Open Category, or 21.1 km Corporate Category. Anyone aged 16 years and above as of 31 December 2016 can participate, so round up your friends, family, classmates and colleagues for an exciting team challenge!

The top three teams across all categories will stand to win attractive cash prizes and vouchers. Word is, the first team in the 42.195 km Open Category will be awarded S$2,200 worth of cash and vouchers!

Mizuno Ekiden 2016: Race As Four, Run As One

Participants piecing their finisher's medal together.

Gather Your Teams Now!

Enjoy early bird prices from now till 30 April 2016.

Teams of 4 can sign up in the 42.195 km Open Category for S$200 per team, or S$180 per team in the 21.1 km Open Category or Corporate Category. If there are more than 5 teams from the same company, there will be a 5% discount off the total registration fee.

For more information, please visit the Mizuno Ekiden event page.

Are you a solo runner? We dare say that running as part of a team will widen your running horizons. Give it a shot!

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