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Mt. Fuji Marathon: The Epic Scenic Course Everyone’s Talking About

by On Jul 16, 2015
Mt. Fuji Marathon: The Epic Scenic Course Everyone's Talking About

Run along one of the most revered and sacred mountain! The fourth Mt. Fuji Marathon will be held on Sunday, 29 November 2015 at Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture. Its reputation as one of the world's most beautiful course has seen the marathon bursting with overseas participants amongst the staggering 15,000-strong runners.

Mt. Fuji's snow-capped peak comes in and out of view multiple times along the course. Autumn is one of the best times to visit this picturesque World Heritage site. Runners can enjoy the brilliant amber and gold autumn leaves around the serene Kawaguchi-ko and Sai-ko Lakes, two of the legendary Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Marathon: The Epic Scenic Course Everyone's Talking About

From the 22 km point on the full marathon route, runners depart Kawaguchi-ko Lake and head towards Sai-ko Lake along a highway that is popularly known as the "heart-tearing slope". This 1 km climb is a challenging section, but it's well worth the effort. On the way back, runners will feel totally refreshed as they feast their eyes on the panoramic views of Kawaguchi-ko Lake adorned with warm shades of autumn, against the majestic Mt. Fuji in the backdrop.

The marathon's starting pistol will gun off at 9:00 a.m. For 12,500 JPY, marathoners can expect Mizuno special T-shirts and various amenities. Water stations located at 12 spots along the route, providing water, sports drinks, bananas and chocolates. There is also a complimentary cloak service at the end of the Hirahama parking area for full marathon runners.

New to Running?

Good news to newbie runners! Never again will you lament about missing out on the views of Mt. Fuji because you can't take on a full marathon—there are two 10 km fun run categories just for you!

All males and females over 19 years of age can join the Charity Fun Run division for just 4,000 JPY. In this division open to 1,500 participants, you'll receive special Mizuno goods and also donate 776 JPY to Mount Fuji clean-up campaigns.

Or be one of the 500 ladies running the exclusive Fantasy Run. For 10,000 JPY, you'll join in the many benefits of this world-renown Mt. Fuji race as well as receive limited edition Mizuno • Disney running shirts.

Flagging off at 9:20 a.m., both fun runs will start and finish at Oike Park. There will be two water stations providing runners with water, sports drinks and bananas. Participants can also make use of the complimentary cloak service to store personal items inside the Oishi Park.

Mt. Fuji Marathon: The Epic Scenic Course Everyone's Talking About


Overseas participants can look forward to an exclusive booth providing drinks and light meals post-race. There will also be English and Mandarin-speaking staff on site to provide assistance.

For more information, visit the Fujisan Marathon official website. Register online on this page.

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