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National Geographic Earth Day Run: Run for Your Planet. Run for Yourself.

by On Mar 23, 2017

The annual National Geographic Earth Day Run 2017 will be staged elsewhere in Asia on 23rd April, but you’re lucky: the best event site just happens to be Singapore, your beautiful homeland!

National Geographic Earth Day Run: Run for Your Planet. Run for Yourself.

If you’re a fan of "National Geographic" (and who isn’t?), you may be aware of the organisation’s deep roots that reach back to January 27, 1888 when its parent society was founded in Washington, D.C. The magazine itself took more than 11 years to see the light of day, but in 1899 it launched and in just two years, it had attracted two million international subscribers.

The publication’s online and print presence draws millions of fans thanks to stunning photography and relevant articles. Profits go to funding expeditions, research, wildlife and environmental grants that make possible pioneering research by legends like Admiral Robert Perry, Jacques Cousteau and Jane Goodall.

Now, Nat Geo shows a new face by staging running events that continue a 130-year tradition of honouring Planet Earth in a very public way.

National Geographic spreads its wings

In 2007, the Society expanded its high-profile global influence by launching an annual National Geographic Earth Day Run in Taiwan, followed by a second in the Philippines in 2010. Successful? That word hardly describes the popularity of a run that attracted 20,000 runners to the Philippines alone by 2015.

Because the world can’t get too much of a good thing, National Geographic Earth Day Runs were instituted in Taiwan and by 2016, the run that benefits environmental causes reached Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

How is this run different from franchise marathons that share the same corporate name and sponsorship? Everyone will run in support of renewable energy, a diminished carbon footprint and an end to waste.

National Geographic Earth Day Run: Run for Your Planet. Run for Yourself.

What’s in it for you?

As a participant, you claim bragging rights as a steward of the earth in addition to showing your passion for running. Earth Day Run 2017 is staged by the National Geographic and benefits the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a critically important non-profit that goes about the work of saving endangered species 24/7.

Join the run and you are emotionally linked to fellow runners flagged off at the same time in Singapore, Philippines and China (Shanghai & Chengdu) on 23 April and Taiwan & Hong Kong on 9 April.

Setting a new personal best is an admirable goal at any marathon but it's not the only reason to show up. Arrive at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, before 2:30 p.m. after signing on for either the 5km Fun Run or 10km competitive run.

Starts won’t be signaled until 4:00 p.m., but you won't want to miss a minute of the exciting carnival staged with runners in mind. Come alone. Bring family and friends. The cause couldn’t be more important.

National Geographic Earth Day Run: Run for Your Planet. Run for Yourself.

The fun is in the details

Online registration for the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2017 is currently open so do yourself a favour and get that detail out of the way right now. Individual and family registration rates are affordable and 8-percent of your fee is donated to the WWF to help with their critical work.

That sorted, you’re entitled to everything this event has to offer: admission to the carnival, participation in either the 5km or 10km, prize presentation ceremony and post-run concert guaranteed to get the most exhausted runners back on their feet.

Snag a bounty of entitlements including a logo-embellished race tee made from recycled bottles, a running belt with BPA-free plastic water bottle, race bib, e-Finishers Certificate, National Geographic Earth Day Run NETS FlashPay Card, a Neutrogena dry-touch SPF 50 skin product and Hydra Boost Water Gel.

Everyone you meet is as concerned about the earth’s future as you are, so who knows how many like-minded friends you may make simply by showing up?
National Geographic Earth Day Run: Run for Your Planet. Run for Yourself.

What happens if you win (you can dream, right?)

If you are one of three top finishing men and women at the Singapore race, you’ll be proclaimed a star and receive prizes that go above and beyond the usual cash:

  • Take third prize and receive S$300 cash plus a 3 day/2 night stay in an oceanfront room at the luxurious IndoChine Resorts & Villas in Phuket + 1-year National Geographic Magazine Subscription.
  • Grab second place and an ocean suite at the IndoChine Resorts & Villas in Phuket will be your home-away-from home for three days and two nights in addition to S$500 in cash + 1-year National Geographic Magazine Subscription.
  • Achieve first place and see how it feels to vacation like the rich and famous in a pool villa at Phuket’s IndoChine Resorts & Villas for four days and three nights—in addition to getting your hands on S$1,000 in cash + + 1-year National Geographic Magazine Subscription.

Whether you win or lose, what matters is that you show up for this community-focused event that drives home the need to care for the earth. Compete for the cause. Compete for the prizes. Just don’t miss out on a race that’s important for so many reasons!

Which of Earth’s current crises troubles you most? Clean water? Pesticides? Air quality? Or will you choose “All of the above”?

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