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Newly Re-themed “Good Times” Gold Coast Airport Marathon Requests the Pleasure of Your Company!

by On Apr 25, 2015
Newly Re-themed “Good Times” Gold Coast Airport Marathon Requests the Pleasure of Your Company!

When Gold Coast Airport Marathon Chairman Kerry Watson gathered together some the organisation’s most creative thinkers, their job was to select a theme that would grab the attention of runners across the globe—a name that would symbolise all aspects of the 37th run scheduled for 4 and 5 July 2015.

Their conclusion? “Good Times,” of course. After all, Australia’s fastest marathon has a history of runners experiencing unprecedented personal best times at race finish lines, particularly the one awaiting competitors at what's become known as a world-class tourism spot. Good times on the Gold Coast? You bet!

Challenge Your Personal Best

"We're not just making up numbers," said Watson as he set about explaining the phenomenon of personal best records that seem to grow in number every time competitors tackle the Airport event.

Newly Re-themed “Good Times” Gold Coast Airport Marathon Requests the Pleasure of Your Company!

"We've got the facts to prove that 61.9-percent of runners taking part in the 2014 race posted personal bests over past ones, and to be honest, at first we thought we were seeing things. That’s why we checked our Math several times!"

When asked to explain the reason for the increase in competitors’ personal best results, Watson didn’t hesitate.

"We believe this has everything to do with the way runners are treated at the Gold Coast – by race organisers, volunteers and supporters—how can you top former running records unless the environment, hospitality and goodwill are superior in all respects?"

He added,

"Our new theme of 'Good Times' is going to strike a chord with new and former Gold Coast Airport marathon participants, because in the world of competitive running, ‘good times’ has so much meaning. If a runner can post good times while having a good time, a new personal best is icing on the cake. Runners are going to want to see if they can rack up totals that surpass their top achievements. What other race offers such promise?"

Watson is convinced that the Gold Coast environs contribute mightily to Airport Marathon fever because every aspect of the community turns into a giant welcome committee.

"From the Gold Coast's world-class beaches, to waves coveted by every surfer on the planet, there's always a magical, celebratory feeling in the air that literally pushes runners to exceed their former running times."

Non-competitors expecting "Good Times" are going to be delighted by everything they see, hear and experience, but it's likely runners who will create the best memories.

Why You Should Participate in The Gold Coast Marathon 2015

If you've been sitting on the fence waiting for a sign that encourages you get in on the fun and register for any of the events scheduled for the Gold Coast Marathon—what are you waiting for? Social media is abuzz with excitement about the upcoming the 4 and 5 July event and we promise you, you're going to suffer serious regrets if you let these good times pass you by! But perhaps you need a little push.

Newly Re-themed “Good Times” Gold Coast Airport Marathon Requests the Pleasure of Your Company!

We've come up with six reasons you can’t say no to getting your name on a registration form (and possibly, the leader board):

  1. Your chances of setting a new personal best far surpass your chances anywhere else on the planet.
  2. You could make a lifelong friend as you cross the finish line in the awesome company of a marathon star.
  3. You may become a mini-celeb because the new theme is going to bring out plenty of media.
  4. You will learn exactly why the Gold Coast's "Famous for fun" tagline has never been more appropriate.
  5. You can compete no matter what your age or physical condition because events are designed for all runners.
  6. You could learn, once and for all, what "Good Times" means when you claim your prize!

Motivated? Can we sweeten your enthusiasm by giving you tips to hype your chances for that personal best? We urge you to: Pick the race that gives you the highest comfort level; set your distance or time goal; conjure your inner risk-taker to register for an event that surpasses the challenge you took in the past, and train like a pro. Carb load 24 to 48 hours before the race and plan to hydrate like crazy along the route. Cool down wisely, and whatever you do, save some energy to celebrate after the race!

Don't Leave Immediately After The Marathon

"You're going to want to celebrate your new personal best at the area’s top spots," advises Watson, who will be cheering on every runner seeking to leave their former personal best in the dust. He suggests sticking around an extra day to pursue world-class entertainments and activities within the circle of friends you make when you run: Surf the "Glitter Strip" and ask someone to snap a photo of you on your board. Party in the sumptuous Broadbeach neighbourhood where cafes and restaurants welcome runners in style. Indulge in swimming, sunning and relaxation at Broadbeach or Main Beach or visit Currumbin or Coolangatta to give your camera a workout.

Newly Re-themed “Good Times” Gold Coast Airport Marathon Requests the Pleasure of Your Company!

One of the most enthusiastic recommendations for the ultimate in good times? The Theme Park Capital of Australia. You know you want to.

The clock is ticking down to the 37th annual Gold Coast Airport Marathon, but there’s still plenty of time to register online to make the 30 April early bird fee deadline. Then move into action to make your good times reality: Book a flight and find a place in Queensland to stay – anywhere from a hostel to a hotel to a camper van, all of which are best-enjoyed if you undertake your booking with friends eager to surpass their former personal bests, too!

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