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Operation Broken Wing (OBW) Sets Out With A Brand New Beneficiary!

by On Dec 27, 2018

Test your physical limits for a great cause with Operation Broken Wing (OBW) signature challenge "Fight For Hope".

Operation Broken Wing (OBW) Sets Out With A Brand New Beneficiary!

The anticipated Operation Broken Wing 2019 (OBW) is finally back with its 5th edition looks set to be bigger and better. Setting out next year on 26th January 2019, Saturday at The Arena@Our Tampines Hub, OBW once again intends to raise money to help disenfranchised and underprivileged youths in Singapore through their new beneficiary, Singapore Children’s Society.

A new category has been introduced made especially for pairs to work together and carry out OBW’s 15-minute signature challenge called "Fight For Hope". During Fight For Hope, each athlete will have to rotate through 5 different stations which include - Sandbag Squats, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings, Push Press and Box Jumps.

They are only entitled to having one minute at each to complete as many reps as possible and after five minutes, a minute break will be given. Additionally, each repetition fulfilled translates into monetary donations from the sponsors made to the beneficiary.

Operation Broken Wing (OBW) Sets Out With A Brand New Beneficiary!

For team pairs, they are to complete the workout as a team with only one person doing the workout at a time. Rolling substitutions are allowed at any time during the workout.

OBW has received tremendous support from numerous fitness communities in Singapore ever since it opened its website: for registration. This year, a total of 300 individuals and 200 teams put their fitness capabilities to the test all in the name of charity. OBW 2019 will feature athletes from all walks of life including those with physical disabilities and pioneer generations such as Auntie Hock who is at the grand age of 91, making her the oldest participant in the history of OBW.

Operation Broken Wing (OBW) Sets Out With A Brand New Beneficiary!

Main organiser and coach at Innervate Fitness, Mr Lionel Choong expressed:

The break proved to be a good time for us to re-strategise and we are indeed excited for the next edition. We hope that by bringing it to Tampines, it will reach out to more Singaporeans, encouraging an even larger group to come forward and be a part of this movement.

Operation Broken Wing (OBW) Sets Out With A Brand New Beneficiary!

Operation Broken Wing 2019 will be held on 26th January 2019, Saturday at The Arena@Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines
Walk, Singapore 528523.

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