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OSIM Partners with Sundown Marathon 2015 for Singapore’s 8th Consecutive Night on the Town

by On Apr 20, 2015
OSIM Partners with Sundown Marathon for Singapore's 8th Consecutive Night on the Town

On 4th July 2015, Americans will enjoy fireworks to celebrate their nation's founding in 1776, but in Singapore, the night could get even livelier if you register for one of the nation's most prestigious running events, The OSIM Sundown Marathon.

For the past eight years, the Sundown has attracted competitive runners from around the globe, so when this year's spectacular kicks off at the F1 pit at 1700 hours, you're likely to hear a variety of languages spoken by people as eager to set records and win medals as you are. There's always something new to experience, see and do courtesy of loyal sponsors who support this event. That's why OSIM, Asia's number one healthy lifestyle brand, is delighted to sign on as an official member of the Sundown family. It's part of the OSIM mission and reason enough to support this event in every way possible.

About the Race

No wonder OSIM was so eager to partner with the Sundown! Few Singapore running events have as much popularity as this marathon. Race organisers might have been hard-pressed to imagine that the 6,000 registered runners participating in the first Sundown in 2008 would explode into a registration number that climbed to 30,000 in 2013 and 2014. No wonder the Sundown Marathon was nominated for "Best Sport-Oriented Event" in the world by Marketing Events Awards in 2015.

OSIM Partners with Sundown Marathon for Singapore's 8th Consecutive Night on the Town

Photo Credit: Sundown Marathon

What's New?

Not satisfied just to lend its name to the 2015 OSIM Sundown Marathon, the company has worked in concert with organisers to pile on the extras. Instead of three race categories, there will be four this year: the traditional 10km, half marathon and full marathon plus a 5km Fun Run to be staged so nobody is left out of the mix. OSIM is eager to see the response to the 5km Fun Run because this new, all-inclusive category reflects its corporate mission in concert with race organisers to challenge the spirits and bodies of beginners and children. There is no better way to participate in sporting events like this one that lead to a healthier life. Did we forget to mention that in addition to a new sponsor, an exciting new theme, "Pulse of the Tribe" has been created? Essentially, Pulse of the Tribe seeks to encompass and include every single OSIM Sundown runner on race day, regardless of age or category. Runners will form a collective tribe as they prepare to motivate each other to conquer the night, forming the largest race contingent in Asia, embodying the pulse of an exceptional tribe.


It's a great question to ask. Truth is, no entity is as dedicated to lifestyle improvement, wellbeing, health and happiness within the Singapore community as this industry giant, so getting onboard the Sundown Marathon sponsorship train made perfect sense. As race sponsor, OSIM adds valuable input to all aspects of the race because all of the Sundown objectives dovetail with the missions, goals and objectives of the corporation. The new 5km fun run (for ages 6 and up), the brainchild of the collaboration between Sundown organisers and OSIM, is being added to symbolize this important fact: it's never too early to participate in running events that can excite young runners and newcomers enough to turn them into lifetime advocates of health and well-being.

Why This Partnership is Important

When you merge a tradition like the Sundown Marathon, Asia's largest night run, with Asia's number one healthy lifestyle brand, this heady combination of powerful brands appeals to both runners and observers. Common sense says the dual marketing message is in synch with Singapore's all-around healthy living initiatives so the objectives of both the Sundown Marathon and OSIM's corporate aims are identical. How important is this partnership? Extremely. What better way to show your support for this company's vision than by registering to run any of the races scheduled for 4th July?

Who Benefits?

You benefit, of course, because the enthusiasm, excitement and effort you put forth when surging forward with tens of thousands of other runners is guaranteed to brighten your spirit, but OSIM is also adding another element to the race that will benefit from the night's activities: Sundown with Love, a charitable movement that reflects OSIM's corporate philanthropic commitment to undertake all types of charity outreach initiatives as set by the company's Corporate Social Responsibility plan. The Sundown will generate funds for all types of worthy causes through 20 Sundown Tribe Ambassadors, each of whom will be racing in support of the charity they love. You can learn more about this effort and make your own commitment to a cause you hold dear by visiting this website.

OSIM Partners with Sundown Marathon for Singapore's 8th Consecutive Night on the Town

Star power!

Not only does OSIM bring its reputation and ethics to the 2015 Sundown, but it's also providing some star power by recruiting highly-respected athletes to serve as tribe brand ambassadors. If you don't recognize the names, you should, because these two women alone inspire everyone who meets them. Mok Ying Rong, winner of the 2014 Sundown Half-Marathon Open, will run for her adopted charity, ACRES Wildlife Warrior and Singapore's only female race car driver, Clair Jedrek, will be on the track and committed to raising awareness for the Children's Cancer Foundation. If the star power doesn't entice you to participate in the OSIM Sundown this year, how about bragging rights, a medal and the chance join the party once this year's race is history?

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