Get ready to fear the dead and fight the living: Race The Dead 2014 returns on 31 October 2014! This time, the 5km zombie-themed run will be heading off the beaten tracks and into the spooky trails of Sentosa!

After selling out in less than 14 hours last year and garnering more than 10,000 participants, this year’s Zombie Run promises more thrills, more horror and more adrenaline, as it will be held at night for the very first time!

Not Just Dodging Zombies – You’ll Fear the Dead!

Besides boosting the spook levels by holding it at night and in a densely wooded area, the gameplay for 2014 develops with a new theme – “Fear the dead, Fight the living!”

Unlike last year where every zombie wants a piece of you, Race The Dead 2014 is introducing scare actors on top of your usual zombie participants (who go after your life flags), into the race.

This will ensure that your guts won’t be the only thing that’s racing at every corner! But fret not; they will not be going after your flags!

Fight the Living with Zombie Survival Gear!

Just like any zombie apocalyptic film which begins with the living waging war against the undead, the backstory for Race The Dead 2014 naturally progresses to humans turning against one another due to scarcity of food and resources.

Instead of just having to race zombies this year, participants will also be split into 2 teams to compete against each other. The team with the most number of survivors at the end of the race will be awarded with a surprise treat!

Lastly, to help you survive the 2014 race, the organisers will be issuing military Load Bearing Vests (LBV), instead of the conventional runners tee. This allows participants the freedom to dress up for the Halloween event.

However, if you are a survivor from Race The Dead 2013, you are encouraged to wear your 2013 survivor tee to redeem a 2013 survivor badge, which can be attached to the LBV!

Enjoy a Post Race Party at Zouk!

With Zouk on board as the official nightlife partner, join in the Halloween Rave at ZOUK for a post-apocalyptic zombie themed party – The “ZomBE: Formative x Official Race The Dead Post Party”. The first 200 registrants for this year’s race will party for free!

If you missed your chance to join in the fun last year, now is your chance to participate in one of the most highly anticipated Halloween events in Singapore. Mark down these dates on your calendar!

Race The Dead 2014 takes place on 31 October 2014. Zombie registrations open on 29 August, while registration for runners open on 31 August.

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