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Ready? Set? Recharge Your Own Batteries at the 2016 Electric Run!

by On Jun 7, 2016

Glow, dazzle and shine at the most hyper run in Singapore.

Ready? Set? Recharge Your Own Batteries at the 2016 Electric Run!

Eager to get "all charged up" at the upcoming Electric Run on 3 September? Happily, you're not required to plug yourself into a wall socket or stick a battery between your teeth to be part of this long-awaited night run.

Instead, plan to celebrate your ability to light up the night sky with so much collective energy, runners may even be able to muster enough excitement to power Singapore's skyline!

About Electric Run

Do you love the idea of being part of something that's bigger than yourself? If you're nodding your head, this should be at the top of your competitive event list because this isn't a Singapore-only run, but a popular international affair held in cities like Los Angeles, Dubai and London. In all, 30 cities have hosted this event, attracting millions of runners from all corners of the earth.

Will the Singapore Electric Run be better than every other iteration? Of course it will — so even if you don't plan to run the 5km circuit, you can still revel in the side shows and entertainments that make this night-time affair truly original.

Expect heart-pounding music to accompany you along the race route, so leave your iPad and earbuds home. The music will pulsate with energy and music genres will change as runners enter music zones guaranteed to pump up spirits, including night owl kids over the age of 3.

If running as a team member is your favourite way to enjoy this sort of spectacular night run, don't pout. You can register a team of four without corralling your other three mates. Start with one person (that's you) and then begin collecting your team of running buddies, reminding each that there are only three slots on your team, so they need to commit fast.

Ready? Set? Recharge Your Own Batteries at the 2016 Electric Run!

Electric Run is back! Brighter lights, louder beats and recharged course lands heading to Singapore.

What to Expect

To begin with, forget about your standard fashion scene. We can't tell you what to wear when you show up because this night isn't like other marathons: it's a party in every sense of the word.

Every registered runner is invited to dress to the max and if you like to glow, don every Day-Glo accessory in your possession — the more the merrier — before you arrive at the iconic Marina Barrage at 6 p.m. to get your party started.

We see you pouting because you have no Day-Glo stuff in your closet. Cheer up! Your race pack will include a t-shirt and glow gear and you can buy some stuff when you register that's guaranteed to light you up, blink or glow so you couldn't get lost along the run route if you tried.

In fact, thanks to Electroband technology, every race participant will literally become one with the night and the beat, because your LED bracelet will guide you to and through dance party zones and deliver you to the ultimate destination: the finish line party fired up by a live DJ and hundreds of your new BFFs.

After all, when you put on that bracelet, you're connected at the speed of light.

Ready? Set? Recharge Your Own Batteries at the 2016 Electric Run!

Electric Runners dancing off the endorphins at the post event concert.

Why You Should Register Now!

The crowds are going to be big and bold and of course you want to dance and run amid the throng of revellers, but why pay full price for your entry when you can register immediately, save the difference and treat yourself to something wonderful at the event?

You've only got until midnight on 12 June to snag early bird tickets at these rates: an Individual Standard Early Bird pays S$75; Individual Deluxe Early Birders pay just S$105.

Team fees are as reasonable: the Team Standard Early Bird Rate is S$70 and the Team Deluxe Early Bird Rate is S$100.

Entitlements include an admission ticket, t-shirt, race bib and the Electroband that hooks you up with everyone in sight.

Choose either deluxe entry package you also get LED shutter shades, an LED foam baton and a glow party kit. By the time everything wraps at 10:30 p.m., turning down your enthusiasm dial with so much electricity in the air could be impossible, so keep the party going at a local cafe and wind down with old and new friends.

Ready? Set? Recharge Your Own Batteries at the 2016 Electric Run!

Need More Incentive?

If partaking of the biggest, loudest night run on a warm Singapore evening and getting a reduced ticket to join this festival of lights and music isn't enough to satisfy you, how about the chance to win an all-expense trip to Dubai?

You read that right — you and a friend could fly to this exotic city and have the time of your life since your expenses are covered. Further, lucky draw winners get free flights, accommodation and VIP passes for Electric Run Dubai where you can again don your glow, glitter and dazzle duds and recreate your Singapore Electric Run experience there.

We're pretty lit up about this race and we want you to feel the same level of electric excitement, so head for the website now, register and bookmark it so as details about the event pop up like firecrackers between now and 3 September, you won't miss a thing.

Now, all that's left to do is to search for the outfit that will garner you the most amount of attention at the event — whether the lights are on or off!

How far are you willing to go in search of something outrageous to wear at an event like the 2016 Electric Run?

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