Reebok ONE Challenge – The Great Escape embodies both the fun of a themed event, as well as fitness elements, such as CrossFit, running, and more. In the Reebok ONE Challenge, “prisoners” (participants) on “death row” are put to play a game of shoot & kill with the guards.

They are given the opportunity to escape – only if they outrun the guards, who are prowling to hunt down them down. Only prisoners who survive the fitness challenges surrounding the prison, and slip out of sight of the guards can escape unscathed.

Modern Twist On A Childhood Favourite

Modeled after the conventional game of police and thief, Reebok ONE Challenge participants have to finish a course of 5km, crossing various obstacles during the course that simulates an actual escape.

The exciting element in the game revolves around roving catchers along the route, who will be all out to take away the “life tags” of each participant. Only those who manage to finish the course with at least 1 life left wins the game.

Organised by Pink Apple Pte Ltd, the Reebok ONE Challenge 2014 will be held on 6 July 2014, and is the inaugural event title sponsored in Singapore by major sports brand Reebok.

Enjoy Exclusive Reebok Discounts When You Sign Up

At the event, be hydrated by Aquarius Isotonic, a beverage with a unique combination of not just Electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium) and Vitamin Bs (B3, B5, B6, B12), but also natural Guarana extracts!

Participants will also get to enjoy with their registration, exclusive discounts off selected models of the latest Reebok ZSERIES COLLECTION launched earlier this year. Inspired by the design of high-performance Zrated tires found on exotic high-end sports cars travelling in excess of 240km/h, the Reebok ZSERIES COLLECTION is designed for high-speed performance as well.

The Reebok ONE Challenge will be held on 6 July 2014. Early bird registration is open from now till 2 May 2014. Registrations will close on 13 June 2014.

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