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Run For Cover: Free Cataract Surgery for an Elderly Patient Every 30KM

by On May 12, 2014
Run For Cover: Free Cataract Surgery for an Elderly Patient Every 30KM

Can running on the treadmill help the elderly improve their eyesight? Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) is looking for 400 runners to prove it’s possible.

The first of its kind in Singapore, MEH’s ‘Run For Cover’ campaign will see contestants running non-stop on the treadmill for 24 hours. Every 30km clocked by each team during this period will translate into free treatment for one needy elderly suffering from cataracts.

Winning Team Gets 10 Years of Free Health Coverage

The projected 100 cataract surgeries will be fully sponsored by the Khazanah IHH Healthcare Fund as part of ‘Life Renewed Project’, the hospital’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

The team that clocks the longest distance at the end of 24 hours also stands to win for themselves S$5,000 worth of free healthcare insurance coverage, which will insure them for up to S$700,000 per year for the next 10 years.

Dr Kelvin Loh, Chief Executive Officer of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, says

“Having sufficient health insurance is important, easy to obtain, yet often neglected. We hope the ‘Run For Cover’ campaign will get everyone to review their own medical coverage now, so that they are well-prepared for the future.”

Run Mechanism

The 50 teams of 8 runners will go through two rounds of qualifying runs over the next two months. The first qualifying run on 17 and 18 May is a 5.5km time trial, with the fastest 20 teams of 8 moving on.

The second qualifying run will take place on 7 June, and the 10 teams with the fastest combined time over the 10km time trial will go on for the final event.

The finale event will take place on 21 June at Ngee Ann City Plaza, where the team that runs the furthest in 24 hours will stand to win 10 years of free health coverage.

Giving the Public a Chance to Get Involved

There will also be a running clinic that is open to the public on 24 May. The debate-style panel will feature guest speakers including Mok Ying Ren, and will discuss the merits of running, diet and training, more details below.

Topics Discussion

1. Diet (Plant-based vs. 'I Eat Anything')
Speakers: Mok Ying Ren and Russell Eriksen

2. Intensity of Training and it's Correlation to Results
Speakers: Dr. Kua Harn Wei and Gerrard Lin (AhSiao)

3. Why Do I Run?
Speakers: Thaddeus Lawrence and Mohan Marathon

Moderators: Dr. Ivan Ng and Dr. Ernest Wang (Mount Elizabeth Hospital)

  • Date: 24 May, Saturday
  • Time: 10.30am to 1pm
  • Venue: Metropolis, Tower 1, Level 18

You Can Help Clock Additional Mileage Too!

Organisers will set up separate treadmills at the finale event on 21 June for members of the public to do their part for charity and clock additional mileage towards the cataract surgeries. Booths will also be set up at the event to register needy elderly persons suffering from cataracts to receive free surgery.

The first Run For Cover qualifying run takes place on 17 & 18 May at East Coast Park. The finale event will take place on 21 June at Ngee Ann City Plaza. For more information or enquires, do check out Mount Elizabeth Hospital or email them.

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