Run For Your Lives Singapore: Outrun the Zombie Apocalypse

by On Oct 17, 2013
Run For Your Lives Singapore: Outrun the Zombie Apocalypse

The infection has spread to Singapore. Coming in January 11, 2014, Run For Your Lives Asia makes its first stop in Singapore. Test your speed, strength and endurance through man-made and natural obstacles — all while being chased by hungry, merciless zombies.

The original zombie infested obstacle course from the USA makes its first Asian stop in Singapore. This highly charged 5km race encompasses two groups of participants. One group, otherwise known as the Survivors, will strive to overcome five kilometres of man-made and natural obstacles. This is all being accomplished while being chased by the other group who have been turned into Zombies.

The Survivors will have to deftly dodge and escape from these once-human blights of the earth that roam the course, trying to grab flags from their flag belts representing their fragile lives.

Survivors will need to use every bit of their strength and cunning to outwit and avoid the Zombies who are intent to feast on their brains. Work as a team to survive, and climb, crawl, duck and dive your way to the finish line before you get chased down by the undead!

Run For Your Lives Singapore: Outrun the Zombie Apocalypse

Waiting at the end of this zombie infected 5K—aside from a possible craving for brains—is an apocalypse party to die for. Celebrate your survival or imminent zombie transformation with music, games, food, drinks, and anything else that you need to party like it’s end of the world.

If running from (or being a) zombie not your thing, watch your friends and family run for their lives while enjoying the race safely from the sidelines. Enjoy spectator admission to the all-day Apocalypse party for FREE!

There are also hula hoop competitions, musical chairs, and even rap contests where you can win some cool Run For Your Lives prizes. But don’t forget the costume contest! The best overall costume will be voted on and picked during the Apocalypse Party, so grab your friends and come dressed to impress!

Run For Your Lives Singapore: Outrun the Zombie Apocalypse

Run For Your Lives Asia – Singapore will take place on January 11, 2014 at The Padang. Early bird registration for the event is now open on the Run For Your Lives Asia official website. Check out the Run For Your Lives Asia Official Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

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