Runners Encouraged to Donate Old Medals in Support of NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC

by On Dec 19, 2013
Runners Encouraged To Donate Old Medals In Support Of NTUC INCOME RUN 350

The NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC will enter its 5th year in 2014. The run takes place at the F1 Pit Building on 27 April 2014, and aims to raise awareness for the environment, such as the need to lower atmospheric CO2 levels.

First organised in 2010 at Pulau Ubin, the RUN 350 attracted 1,000 runners for its inaugural run. The event has since grown in popularity, and over 11,000 runners from 63 countries participated in the 2013 run.

Runners Encouraged to Donate Old Medals in Support of NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC

An exciting new addition to the 2014 edition is the Medal Recycling Campaign. Runners are encouraged to donate their old medals to be used as part of the raw materials in the production of new medals

Eco-Initiative To Recycle Old Medals

Eric Lim, Race Director of RUN 350, hopes that the Medal Recycling Campaign will be a stepping stone in encouraging people to further recycle at home.

It only takes a second to drop your old medals into our medal recycling bin, and we really hope to inspire members of the public to take this small step in helping to preserve our planet for a better tomorrow.

The more medals collected, the greater the reduction of new materials being used. The medal recycling bins will be available at various locations island wide until 28 February 2014.

Run For Tomorrow

Running for a cause is a great thing, and the NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC’s eco-green message is no different. Early bird registration is open from now till 31st December.

What do you think of their initiative to recycle old medals? Will you donate your medals? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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