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RunSociety Launches Long-Awaited Bahasa Indonesian Language Edition

by On Feb 1, 2018

What happens when a popular, well-established running magazine decides to move outside its original publication zone? RunSociety Indonesia! This new edition speaks to readers in a local language they understand perfectly.

RunSociety Launches Long-Awaited Bahasa Indonesian Language Edition

On June 1, 2011, RunSociety morphed from idea to reality when it became the pioneer in online running magazine originating in Singapore dedicated to serving, promoting and supporting Asia’s expanding running scene.

This month, our popular publication’s mission expands with the introduction of a long-awaited edition: RunSociety Indonesia.

Old and new. Focused and fun. Vibrant and vital. It’s positioned to become an influential and trustworthy voice for runners throughout Indonesia delivering the wide variety of news and views the original RunSociety has published for the past seven years.

Solid mission. Serious journalism.

The editorial mission we conceived seven years ago remains as strong today as it did back then: We aimed to be the main conduit to runners throughout Asia, creating a literary bond between athletes and the stories and data they need to pursue their favourite activity.

RunSociety Indonesia may be the newest member of our editorial family, but it is positioned to become a familiar face. Editorial diversity and focus remain our highest standard and reflect the enthusiasm we see in our readers.

And while our editorial approach won’t change, we’ll customise the magazine for runners in this geographic area by publishing it exclusively in the Bahasa Indonesian language so readers get the news they want in their first language. But, just because the language changes, that doesn’t mean the integrity of RunSociety’s new publication will change. We remain committed to core beliefs that include objectivity, reliability, relevancy and, in particular, equality and inclusivity.

RunSociety Launches Long-Awaited Bahasa Indonesian Language Edition

Why publish an Indonesian version?

We’ve already mentioned the biggest reason of all is to offer readers a publication written in their own language, but at RunSociety, we also saw a big need for a more targeted version that represents the interests of Indonesian runners. In fact, readers asked for a dedicated issue representing this nation, and we are delighted to comply.

RunSociety Indonesia is positioned to appeal to everyone interested in exploring the rich running diversity and history that makes this one of the most exciting markets in Asia. Thus, the vibrancy of the Indonesian market and the RunSociety mission combine seamlessly as a local home team take charge of producing this geographically-targeted version.

New version. New tagline, too. #RunFurther

Like the original RunSociety edition, you'll find a comprehensive race calendar, relevant maps and routes, training tips from experts, spotlights on runners from this region and the latest and greatest news about equipment, gear, health and coaching. As a publication devoted to “a community within a community,” the localisation of news will heighten interest in all aspects of running in Indonesia.

We intend to establish ourselves as an authority on the future of running in Indonesia, but we will also carry on traditions readers love about RunSociety: We’ll fill our pages with inspirational stories about runners just like you—and if there’s a marathon being run in the year ahead, you won’t have to go elsewhere to learn about it.

We’ve even created a new tagline to distinguish this edition: “Run Further.” Those two words encapsulate our goal of helping runners reach more of their personal goals by relying upon our publication as a partner in their quest for excellence.

RunSociety Launches Long-Awaited Bahasa Indonesian Language Edition

RunSociety is poised to #RunFurther with the Indonesia running community.

We strive to become a trusted Indonesian resource

All news is local. And we intend to surpass expectations originated with the launch of RunSociety Singapore: If it’s happening in Indonesia and it's related to running, we intend to cover it and become your authority on the subject.

But we’re in no hurry. We know that it takes time for people to discover and grow accustomed to a new voice on the running scene and we’re quite content to do what it takes to introduce RunSociety dreams, goals and innovations to Indonesia in ways that build trust as readers learn to rely on the accuracy and voracity of our content.

You're invited to explore our unique approach to journalism—one that bridges domestic and international running news in your mother language, establishing RunSociety as a relevant, quality media platform for every Indonesian runner.

#RunSocietyID #RunFurther

Readers enjoy the best of both worlds

It’s surprising how little difference one finds when comparing Singaporean and Indonesian runners. Both share a passion that transcends personal bests, metrics and target times. Both understand the bond that links runners from all points of the globe. As a matter of fact, only a passport separates one committed runner from another.

With the introduction of RunSociety Indonesia, we do more than establish an extended version of our original publication in a new language: We promote the spirit of running beyond our original boundaries and do so by being committed to integrity and the promise of a clutter-free publication filled with relevant news you can use.

As always, we welcome your feedback and views on the launch of the newest member of our RunSociety family.

Aidan is the Editor-in-Chief of RunSociety. With more than a decade of editorial and marketing experience working with over 1,124 writers. Aidan has also written for several popular websites with millions of readers. Recognised as an expert on the web, his focus is to oversee RunSociety’s Creativity Channel, spanning a wide range of inspirational and enriching topics daily to the running community.

Get in touch with him if you have something to say, or want to weigh in on an interesting topic at hello@runsociety.com.

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