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Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

by On Nov 12, 2019

12 years have passed since the Safari Zoo Run was launched in the name of promoting Singapore’s precious natural assets. The final edition marks a break in the race’s history, so don’t miss being part of it!

Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

As the animal claiming to be at the top of the evolutionary chain, how do humans compare to other creatures when it’s time to run?

According to Harvard University Anthropology Professor Dan Lieberman, “Hairless, clawless, and largely weaponless, ancient humans used the unlikely combination of sweatiness and relentlessness to gain the upper hand over their faster, stronger, generally more dangerous animal prey.”

Humans remain “the tortoises of the animal kingdom,” he adds, but we’ve got a big advantage. When it comes to running long distances, humans are capable of outlasting just about every other animal on the planet—and with every marathon, we prove it.

But sometimes, it takes animals to inspire our running efforts—which is why the Safari Zoo Run has made a major impact on the Singapore running scene for so many years. But the iconic race is about to go on hiatus.

Safari Zoo Run 2020 will be the last time this event will take place after a break, so mark 29th March on your 2020 running calendar now.

Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run

A Proud History Culminating With Safari Zoo Run 2020

When Safari Zoo Run celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018, more than 5,700 runners showed up to pay their respects to Singapore’s wildlife.

Over the previous years, this annual run appealed to people of all ages and put a face on the nation’s indigenous creatures—especially the Zoo Run’s superstar: Ah Meng the orangutan who was a beloved zoo family resident and true inspiration until she went to Orangutan Heaven.

Kids loved the idea of running for animals and had no idea that by participating in the Zoo Run over time, they were learning about conservation, endangered species and animal behavior. Besides, every edition of Safari Zoo Run was fun, and over the years, organizers added activities that grew the number of attendees into the thousands.

The 2020 edition will offer familiar categories: The leisurely 2.5km or 5.5km run, a competitive 2.5km Kids Dash plus a competitive 10km category appealing to “the big kids.”

Post run activities are likely to include animal mascot appearances, show and tell activities and much more. Runners wearing animal costumes? That tradition has become a huge part of the day’s entertainment!

Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run

The End Of An Era

On Sunday, 29th March 2020, at 7 a.m., the Safari Zoo Run will kick off, ending what has been called a brilliant series of sporting events that did more than just test the mettle of animal lovers participating in honour of Ah Meng.

And while 2020 will literally be the end of an era that took place at the Singapore Zoo each year, the final edition will usher in a new iteration of awareness as the development of the Mandai Project is given priority status.

In other words, this isn’t the end of the Safari Zoo Run forever—just a break in tradition to help move the zoo toward a more serious role that includes celebrating and protecting the biodiversity.

Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run

It’s All About Sustainability And Ecology

By joining the fun at the 2020 Safari Zoo Run, you do more than just lace up your shoes and get in a good workout; you contribute to Singapore’s massive commitment to sustainability and ecology.

Registering at Spacebib starts your journey to the finish line, but before you get there, how about choosing a team? You can:

  • Team up with Sunny to call attention to air pollution and your personal desire for cleaner air
  • Join Ah Meng and Chawang in championing the forests that are vanishing and impacting wildlife survival
  • Choose to ally yourself with Team Canola and run for clean water and plastic waste diminution

Toward that end, the 2020 Zoo Run will be staged in a plastic-free environment, thus finisher medals will not come in plastic packs, ribbon wraps will hold together race garments in place of plastic bags and reusable bottles won’t be packaged in plastic, either.

You’re encouraged to bring your own reusable bottle if you don’t want the free one that comes with your entitlements.

Safari Zoo Run 2020: Don’t Miss the Last Edition to Run in the Zoo

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run

We were there every step of the way

At RunSociety, we love nothing more than covering the Singapore running scene, and Safari Zoo Run was one of our favourites. Check out this YouTube video of the 2013 event to assess how much it had grown in the 5 years since it was first launched.

While you’re taking a trip down memory lane, re-read our 2018 article, “Safari Zoo Run 2019: Why Should We Run For Wildlife”.

If you’re not motivated to participate in the final edition by taking this nostalgic look back at the past, perhaps we should send an animal to your home to remind you to show up for this final event. What a privilege it will be for you to be part of this final run; you get to make a statement of responsibility for all the world to witness!

Which of the four teams—representing clean air, vanishing green space and critical clean water and plastic issues—is the cause that is nearest and dearest to your heart?

Information About Safari Zoo Run 2020

When is the Safari Zoo Run 2020?

The Safari Zoo Run will be held on Sunday, 29th March 2020, from 7am to 11am.

Where will Safari Zoo Run 2020 be held?

The event will be held at the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari.

Is this the last Safari Zoo Run event forever?

Safari Zoo Run will be taking a break after the 12th edition in preparation for the upcoming Mandai Project. They will be back again.

Is there a baggage deposit at the start point?

Yes. There will be a baggage deposit for the Safari Zoo Run 2020.

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