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Saromako 100km Ultramarathon: A Lakeside Race Worth Every Kilometre

by On Mar 2, 2015
Saromako 100km Ultramarathon: A Lakeside Race Worth Every Km

Into its 30th year, the Saromako 100km Ultramarathon will be back at Lake Saroma on Sunday, 28 June 2015. Also known as Saroma Lagoon, the ultra-race's charming location is Hokkaidō's largest lake and the third largest one in Japan.

The top 100km registrants from the Association of Athletics Federations will be selected to represent Japan at the IAU100km World Championship 2015, which will take place in Winschoten, Netherlands in September. The Japan Association of Athletics Federations Certified race will also open 100km and 50km categories to general runners who can complete the course in 13 hours and 8 hours respectively.

Flagging off bright and early at 5:00 a.m., all 100km runners will leave from Yubetsu Gymnasium. Around the 18km mark, they will loop around the folded point at Sanlitun Banya where they will be greeted with the heroic-themed music by Saramako drummers. They will then run along Okhotsk national highway around the 33km mark before stopping to take pictures at the commemorative 42.195km full marathon check-point. Tracing tranquil lakeside routes, they will make their way towards Square Kitami in the Tokoro town Sports Center, the finishing area for both events.

Saromako 100km Ultramarathon: A Lakeside Race Worth Every Km

Meanwhile, the 50km runners are expected to set off at 10:00 a.m. from at different location at Saroma-cho. With no climbs along the route, the Lake Saroma 50km Ultra Marathon is all about the best parts of the 100km run. Beginning at an elevation, athletes will run downhill and get a fast-start to the race, gaining momentum as they hit the flat stretch of route leading them all the way to the finish line.

The two categories will meet at the 68km mark for the 100km ultramarathon route and at the 20km mark for the 50km course. From there, the route passes through the luxurious Saromako Tsuruga Resort. Exhausted runners will be treated to views overlooking the picturesque Wakka Natural Wild Flower Garden, which is on the Hokkaidō Heritage List.

Saromako 100km Ultramarathon: A Lakeside Race Worth Every Km

To celebrate the endurance running sport, 10-time finishers Saromako 100km Ultramarathon will be titled “Roman Blue”, while dedicated 20-time finishers will be bestowed the new title of “Grand Blue”. Besides special souvenirs, Roman Blue members get several other benefits too.

Learn more about the Saromako 100km Ultramarathon on their official website.

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