SCORE Cupid Run 2015 is back for yet another fairytale adventure on 14 February 2016. SCORE Cupid Run 2016 is a 4 km fun run open to all aged 12 years and above. It will be held at Kepong Metropolitan Park, KL, Malaysia from 7 a.m. onwards.

What does a fairy godmother, a pumpkin carriage, chauffeur mice and a missing glass slipper have in common? Yes, they will all be appearing on the stroke of 7 a.m. on 14 February 2016 which is also the St. Valentine’s Day.

By infusing endearing fairytale themes, the run hopes to provide an interesting yet recreational platform for a convenient and great cardiovascular exercise. SCORE Cupid Run aims to encourage more people to take up running – professional runners, running enthusiasts, or fun run fans alike.

Participants will enjoy the the activities at the 4 pit stops – Cinder, Fairy Godmother, Pumpkin Ride, and The Dance – the Glass Slipper Trail has to offer. They include balloon and tutu giveaways, a “fairy godmother” granting wishes, photo-worthy deco, as well as some dancing activities.

You can take a look at the fun experience in the SCORE Cupid Dash 2015 to have an idea of what to expect.

With an expected 5,000 runners encompassing friends, family, running buddies and groups, partners and/or spouses, loved ones, and individuals searching for their perfect fit, male and female participants will each receive a unique for-him and for-her finisher medal upon completing the run.

For more details, visit SCORE Cupid Run 2016 website.

Yuyi Lim

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