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Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

by On Nov 23, 2016

Celebrate your family in a meaningful way by bundling everyone off for nearby Indonesia where the annual TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016 makes the perfect vacation for an active Singapore family.

Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

Once upon a time—make that 2004 to be exact—a bunch of world-class triathletes couldn’t get enough time training together, so they decided it would be even more fun to include family members each time they got together.

These founding athletes proposed the name “Triathlon Forum” for their group and then set about spreading the word, since Facebook wasn't around to help publicize the organization at the time.

Triathlon Forum start-up goals included an educational component: members would teach sports skills and mentor those eager to become ultra-competitors within a lighthearted atmosphere usually reserved for friends and family.

The group was so laid-back, competition was downplayed in the spirit of community. Maybe that’s why this group’s longevity and success formula has helped this group stay cohesive longer than most.

Athletes everywhere are the beneficiaries of this group’s ethos, and from the foundation of Triathlon Forum sprung the TriFam Sprint Triathlon, an annual ultra-event catering to families as well as individuals.

This year, the TriFam is slated to be staged between 9th and 11th December at Batam, Indonesia’s Nongsa Point Marina and Resort. Make the tropical Riau Islands your next family adventure at year’s end—it’s the ideal way to end December with a big splash.

Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

About the TriFam Sprint Triathlon

As welcoming atmospheres go, you would be hard pressed to find an environment as hospitable as the TriFam. This fun schedule of events welcomes award-winning athletes eager to set new personal bests, first timers hungry to compete against themselves and everyone in-between who is eager to “try a Tri.”

Athletes needn’t be proficient in three sports to be part of the race, so whether you’re a runner, swimmer or cyclist, a little conditioning will fill in the blanks and participants can shine brightest in their area of expertise.

What’s the first order of business? Register every eligible member of your family and then hold a family meeting to make plans, discuss the travel and onsite details of your year-end family trip.

Everyone will look forward to collecting unique entitlements that include tri-shorts, a finisher’s medal, race bib and timing chip for the main events: The men’s and women’s Veteran category for those ages 40+ and the men’s and women’s Open welcoming athletes between the ages of 16 and 39.

Because the emphasis is on family, organizers would never forget the kids. Isn’t it time they started to collect their own medals and bibs? Your youngsters can compete in the boy’s and girl’s Aquathon if they’re between the ages of 10- and 17-years-old, and for the very little ones, the Swim and Scoot event will delight mini-athletes as young as age 6. Can you imagine everyone in the family coming home with medals?

Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

Even big families can participate

At the TriFam Sprint Triathlon, event planners have even taken the work out of travel and lodging arrangements so families don’t have to worry about those details if they decide to compete.

Depending upon the number of people in your party, there are package plans to get everyone to and from either the Turi Beach Resort or the Nongsa Point Resort, where special rates and amenities await family members.

Room sizes at host resorts run from single to six-person suites, so nobody need be left home with Granny. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included throughout the weekend--as well as ferry tickets to and from Indonesia and shuttle services between the dock and resorts.

Each package includes appropriate race slot tickets for family members, so no detail is left to chance by the TriFam Sprint crew. Provisions have event been made for those who wish to come just for their race. Compete, enjoy lunch at the prize presentation ceremony, and return home that evening.

Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

8 Great reasons to bring the family

  1. It’s the end of the year and your last chance to build family memories that last forever.
  2. All of the work has been taken out of the equation so you don’t have to devote a minute of your time to comparing lodging rates and making transit arrangements.
  3. A comprehensive itinerary, with specific time slots devoted to all activities, has been drawn up for all three days to help visitors get from place to place on time.
  4. Avail yourself of free workshops on swimming, cycling, transitioning and running to pick up tips and get advice on maximising your time and effort during your event.
  5. Meet other families coming to this family-friendly “competition” at social events; like the nightly buffet dinner hosted by the official resorts.
  6. Surprise your children by not mentioning the fireworks to be staged at the 10th December buffet dinner.
  7. Stick around for the main competitions on 11th December to see who wins the Veteran Sprint and Open Sprint Triathlons, also presented at the buffet lunch that officially ends this three-day event.
  8. Spend your final hours at the buffet lunch and prize presentation. This is a terrific time to remind kids that it’s great to win prizes, but being a gracious loser will benefit them even more as they grow into adulthood!

Show Your Family Some Love by Taking them to the TriFam Sprint Triathlon 2016

What’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had on an active family vacation? We’d consider it an early Christmas gift if you would allow us to read your story!

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