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Why You Will Always Sign Up for the 2XU Compression Run

by On Jan 1, 2018

Forget what songwriters and poets say about April in Paris. You’ve got your own spring menu of things to do as you kiss winter goodbye and spend April 2018 in Singapore where you can run and have fun!

Why You Will Always Sign Up for the 2XU Compression Run

What’s on your April calendar, faithful runner? Will you show up at the fifth annual Medlab Asia Pacific convention where leading companies showcase current, clever innovations? Perhaps you'll attend the Future of Information and Communication Conference at Gardens by the Bay or “dive in” to either the Asia Dive Expo or ActiFit Asia events, both of which are open to the public between the 6th to the 8th.

We’ve got a better idea; attend any of these on Friday and Saturday and then spend Sunday at the 2018 2XU Compression Run. It’s the ideal combination of activities that feed your intellect as well as your body, and if you fill your weekend with learning and improving, you couldn’t get bored if you tried!

About the 2XU Compression Run 2018

Not in the mood to think about April? Dudes and dudettes, you will be ready to look ahead if you take a little stroll down memory lane to check out over 500 photographs taken at the 2017 2XU Run.

It’s almost impossible to scroll through these pix without grinning—and if the urge to head for Spacebib to sign on for the 2018 2XU Compression Run proves irresistible, our mission to persuade you is working so far. Can we sweeten the deal? Sign on by 5th January and you’ll get the early bird rate, so you can save some bucks for a post-run celebration instead.

Why You Will Always Sign Up for the 2XU Compression Run

A few details

Set to be staged at the F1 Pit Building on 8th April, look forward to collecting the usual perk just for showing up—an official 2018 2XU singlet. Complete your category—be it the 5km; 10km or the big kahuna, 21.1km—and rewards multiply because there are cash prizes for the top three runners in each event.

Don’t doubt yourself. You’ll be running in the Year of the Dog and you don’t have to be born under this sign to know that you can “unleash” your inner Greyhound to snag a prize in one of these categories.

By the way, if you still can’t be talked into signing up despite the compelling reasons we’ve offered you thus far, dive into our eight reasons to run the 2XU Compression Run. It was written before the 2017 2XU half marathon and each is as applicable now as it was then!

8 additional incentives to participate in the 2XU Compression Run

  1. 2016 and 2017 were hot years for marriage proposals at marathons around the globe. How about carrying on this tradition on 8th April 2018? Propose to the love of your life and make the number 8 luckier for both of you.
  2. April is “Celebrate Diversity Month” around the world, so while you’re running your best race, make it a point to connect with runners from diverse societies and nations who share your enthusiasm for a great half marathon.
  3. April 10th is National Siblings Day. Run with your sisters and brothers—the ones born into your family and those you consider siblings because they support your passion for running and take care of you.
  4. World Health Day falls on 8th April. By prioritizing your own health and well-being, you dedicate your race to those who aren’t as fortunate as you are.
  5. April is Women’s Health Care Month, a huge reason to honour the women in your life by running in their name. Wish all of the women you meet at the 2XU run “Good health” as you sprint past them toward the finish line.
  6. April is also National Humor Month. If you don’t perform as well as you hoped, you can still tell a good running joke when you commit to improving your form next time around.
  7. You could discover that you’re more likely to accomplish the PB that’s been eluding you because the air is so much more comfortable when the sun’s up. Assuming you don’t plan to stop and propose, you will still maximize your experience in the fresh morning air as you enjoy the excitement only a morning run offers.
  8. If you’ve lost some weight and plan to audition your first compression wear at this event (and what run is more appropriate given the sponsor?), you may look even slimmer on the circuit than you did in your bedroom when you tried those leggings on for the first time with the sunlight streaming in. For folks trying to get a few pounds off after the holidays, this could be the best reason of all!

To reward past race participants for their support, the organiser is offering a loyalty rate to participants of any one edition of 2XU Compression Run Singapore from 2014-2017.

2XU Compression Run 2018 Discount Code

You can save $8 for the 21km and 10km category and $5 for the 5km category. Loyalty rate offer ends on 31 January too. Request for your loyalty code now at Spacebib if you are eligible for the loyalty rate.

How do you schedule a typical weekend? Do prioritise physical activities or strive for a wise balance of mental and physical experiences that benefit mind and body?

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